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Ohio National Guard Training Stirs Controversy
By Harold Hutchison

Second Amendment activists became the enemy in a training exercise for the Ohio National Guard. In that exercise, these “activists” launched a terrorist attack.

According to multiple media reports, the exercise, which took place in January and involving the 52nd Civil Support Group, simulated an attack using food that was contaminated using ricin and sulfur mustard. The simulated attack’s “perpetrators” in the exercise were described in documents obtained by one media outlet as part of an “anti-government movement.”

The exercise has created a massive outcry. In 2013, the Oho National Guard apologized for using eco-terrorists opposed to fracking as the “perpetrators” in a similar exercise. Eco-terrorism has been an occurrence in the United States, notably from the Earth Liberation Front and the Unabomber.

No apology has been issued to supporters of the Second Amendment as of this writing.