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New York High School Imposes Suspension for NRA T-Shirt
By Harold Hutchison

A high-school sophomore in western New York, was punished for refusing to turn a NRA T-shirt inside-out. The student, 16-year-old Shane Kinney, received one day of in-school suspension.

According to media reports, the official reason given for the one-day in-school suspension, in which Kinney was placed in a room for most of the school day, was “insubordination.” The school’s code of conduct does not prohibit wearing clothing with images of firearms.

“I’ve worn other shirts before with guns on them,” Kinney told FoxNews.com. “I was never asked to cover up. I think this happened because it was an NRA shirt.” Kinney also noted the fact that fellow students did not have issues with the NRA shirts.

“The only people giving me trouble were teachers,” Kinney told a local news station, WGRZ-TV. The incident has prompted a review by the school district.

“The Grand Island School District recognizes this matter as an opportunity to review its policies, procedures and actions to ensure that they are consistent with our commitment to provide a safe learning environment and protect students' Constitutional rights," Schools Superintendent Teresa Lawrence said, while denying that Kinney was punished for supporting the Second Amendment.