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NMCB 3 Continues “Fighting Seabee” Tradition
By Harold Hutchison

If you ever think that the Sailors in a Naval Mobile Construction Battalion might be a pushover for bad guys, perhaps you ought to see some of their training. NMCB 3 recently carried out its weapons training – and they qualified on some serious firepower.

The Seabees were formed in World War II, to construct airfields in the Pacific Theater as the Allies moved across the Pacific Ocean to defeat Japan in the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

"When deployed, we are responsible to provide our own security - our Army and Marine Corps counterparts rely on that ability and don't see us as an element needing their defense," said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Richard Anglin. "These weapons are part of the defensive layers we use to protect ourselves. They are a critical skillset, and I'm seeing a lot of great effort by our Seabees."

The Seabees fire the M240 and M2 machine guns, the Mk 19 and M203 grenade launchers, and the M136 AT4 shoulder-fired anti-tank weapon.

"When I'm gearing up to take charge of whichever weapon I'm assigned to operate, I feel ready - more than ready," said Equipment Operator 3rd Class (SCW) Izzy Hidalgo. "I know I can help my fellow Seabee if we take fire, and I feel completely secure that the person next to me has the same knowledge.”