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Amendments Reveal True Agenda
By Harold Hutchison

While everyone’s attention was focused on the temper-tantrum Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) threw when called out on her lack of respect for the Constitution by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Chuck Schumer added extreme amendments to his background-check bill. The result is the creation of what would amounts to booby-traps for law-abiding citizens.

The booby-traps are created by casting an extremely wide definition of a “transfer” when it comes to guns. Loaning a firearm to a buddy for a weekend hunting trip? That’s a transfer, and if you don’t do a NICS check, it’s a five-year prison term. Leaving your guns with a roommate while you’re away? That’s a “transfer” as well.

“The real genius of Schumer’s bill is the permanence of its effects: Once you’ve proven yourself the sort of monster who might teach your neighbors’ children to shoot targets in the garden, you’re a felon, and you can’t own firearms without the explicit permission of the state,” Chearles C. W. Cooke wrote at NationalReview.com.

Also, he has set another “trap” by passing a law that says the loss or theft of a firearm must be reported in 24 hours. Anyone who fails to do so would face a five-year prison term.

“Presumably, Schumer just wants to give it the old college try and to have the opportunity to stand in front of a few more microphones,” Paul Mirengoff wrote at Powerline Blog.

“As a side benefit, he has offered us another harrowing glimpse at the kind of regime change the left contemplates for America,” he added.