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Russian Security Forces Kill Al-Qaida Emissary in Chechnya

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Russian security forces say they have killed a top al-Qaida emissary in Chechnya.

Russian officials said Wednesday Doger Sevdet, who was also known as Abdulla the Kurd, directly participated in planning and organizing major sabotage and terrorist attacks targeting members of the public and security forces in the North Caucasus.

Authorities say Sevdet and a fellow militant from Dagestan were killed in a special operation by Russian security forces. Sevdet was reportedly carrying a Turkish passport with visas for Georgia, Azerbaijan and Pakistan.

Russian officials say the operation, which took place in a mountainous region of Chechnya, was the result of coordination between security services and law enforcement bodies in liaison with foreign partners.

Chechen separatists have fought two wars against Russia in the past two decades. Violence continues to plague the North Caucasus region, as authorities try to contain an Islamist insurgency.

Article by VOA News