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Roger Stone, Kennedy, LBJ, Pot and Gays

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My second column on the Kennedy assassination is posted here:
PBS Whitewashes Oswald's KGB Connections

You need to understand the true facts.

On Wednesday, on Sean Hannity's Fox News program, Roger Stone claimed President Lyndon Johnson killed Kennedy and was a mass murderer to boot.

In addition to killing Kennedy (but offering no proof), Stone claimed LBJ carried out another eight murders for various purposes. Watch the video here.

This was actually featured on the Fox News Channel.

There's been some discussion about the low level of discourse in the media. Martin Bashir of MSNBC apologized for saying mean and gross things about Sarah Palin.

Claiming LBJ was a mass murderer is on the same level.

The claim that LBJ killed Kennedy was put out by the communists after the assassination in order to deflect the attention away from Lee Harvey Oswald's communist ideology and Cuban and Soviet connections.

Who is Roger Stone? A former GOP operative turned libertarian now promoting marijuana and homosexual rights.

He certainly looks like a serious and well-informed individual, doesn't he?

This kind of junk on Fox News is why we started our Roku channel. Our latest show is now posted:
Castro Killed Kennedy - plus how California became a Socialist State

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