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"Red Bill" Exposed

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Dear Friend of America's Survival:

We have just issued this release:

A press conference on Thursday, October 24, in the Big Apple will
blow the lid off the "Marxist power couple" running for mayor of New
York City. That's how veteran journalist and event organizer Cliff
Kincaid describes Bill de Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray, who took
their "honeymoon" in Cuba in violation of the law and are considered the
frontrunners to occupy Gracie Mansion when the NYC mayoral election
takes place on November 5.

Kincaid says it is time that their plans to close down police
surveillance of potential terrorists be examined in a public forum. "The
city that suffered through the 9/11 terrorist attack needs to know what
we have uncovered about this so-called ‘progressive' candidate for
mayor," he said.

In addition to Kincaid, director of the AIM Center for Investigative
Journalism and president of the public policy group America's Survival,
Inc., the speakers include:

  • Pamela Geller on Arab/Muslim terrorism and why radical Muslims enthusiastically support de Blasio.
  • Tea Party leader Joe Connor on
    unanswered questions surrounding de Blasio's role in the Clinton pardons
    of the FALN terrorists who claimed his father's murder.
  • World-famous blogger Trevor Loudon on
    the "democratic socialism" that is coming to New York City if de Blasio
    wins the mayor's race.

The event, open to the press and public, will be held in the Hotel
Pennsylvania  (across from Penn Station), at 401 7th Ave, New York, New
York, 10001, in the Gold Ballroom, from12:30 – 3:00 pm.

De Blasio was considered just a run-of-the-mill liberal until the New
York Times on September 23 ran a profile of the candidate, disclosing
in a matter-of-fact manner his travels to Cuba and Nicaragua,
involvement in a communist "solidarity" movement, and embrace of Islam
as an emerging political force. Kincaid said his group of speakers will
expand on this subject and disclose new and even more startling aspects
of de Blasio's career.

"De Blasio has made it clear, in going for Muslim votes, that he
intends to dismantle the counter-terrorism programs of the New York City
Police Department," Kincaid said. "He is pandering to Marxist and other
Soros-funded lawyers who have sued the NYPD and has signaled that he is
intends to isolate and hobble the police in the face of Muslim terror
plots. The people of New York have a right to know what's in store for
them, their families, and their loved ones."

De Blasio is running against Republican Joe Lhota, who is under fire
from the "progressives" because of his reported backing from fiscal
conservatives, also known as the Tea Party.

"It is bizarre that peaceful members of the Tea Party are considered
more subversive than the terrorists who actually plot to kill us,"
Kincaid said. "But this is what de Blasio and his backers are saying
they believe. De Blasio is promising to do for New York City what the
progressives did to Detroit – high crime and bankruptcy. But the more
immediate danger is terrorists being given the edge if his anti-police
procedures, policies, and practices are put in place."

In addition to De Blasio's support for communist regimes in Cuba and
Nicaragua and his belief in working with "progressive" elements of
global Islam, his wife is a former lesbian and former member of a
Marxist "collective" opposed to capitalism and freedom. Chirlane McCray
is considered by some in the media to be the real power in the de Blasio
for mayor campaign organization and will be the subject of a special
report written by noted researcher Dr. Tina Trent to be issued at the
Kincaid press event.

Kincaid said he also intends to raise questions at the press
conference about backing for de Blasio from George Soros, the
billionaire currency manipulator. Convicted of insider trading in
France, the Soros role in the housing market collapse has never been
investigated by de Blasio, who carries the title of "Public Advocate" in
New York City. Soros is a major funder of the progressive movement and
President Obama's "fundamental transformation" of the United States.

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For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President