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Here is reaction to Obama’s proposed defense cuts:

DALE BROWN, author and former Air Force officer who flew on B-52 and FB-111 bombers:
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has just announced the latest round of military budget cuts, an incredible $56 billion...and, as expected, he is toeing the liberal progressive line as to how to seemingly "cut spending" (in actuality: cutting the rate of growth of spending).


Most importantly: STOP the White House acting as if the United States of America is a minor or even an equal player on the world stage. The U.S. is the world's only superpower--except Pres. Obama and his Adminstration are for some stupid reason adverse to staking that claim.

The world once feared the United States. Argue all you want about politics, but the truth remains: no one fears the United States of America these days. We have been purposely weakened in order to show other nations that we are just like everyone else--no better, no worse. That is not the role of a superpower--yet we are being forced to accept a meaningless and impotent role in the world.

DO NOT KNUCKLE UNDER! Do not be afraid of proclaiming that the opinion of the U.S.A. is superior to anyone else's. The world demands strong leadership, and always has done so. If it can't be the U.S.A., strong leadership will come from somewhere else: Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, to name a few.


DICK CHENEY, former Vice President:
See Dick Cheney's discussion with Sean Hannity on Obama's proposed defense cuts:


BARRY MCCAFFREY, retired Army General and veteran of Desert Storm and Vietnam made these comments on MSNBC:
“You can’t create a fire department after the fire starts. We’re moth balling Navy ships, we’re standing down all the A-10 ground attack Air Force planes, we’re slashing the size of the size of the Army. This is a budgetary argument, not a national security argument."

Let your elected representatives know how you feel about these cuts: Call (202)224-3121!!