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Two Days of Ops Rack Up The Body Count
By Harold Hutchison

Forces under the command of ISAF’s Regional Command East killed 35 insurgents over the last two days. Thirteen of the insurgents were killed during a single firefight in Nangarhar province. RC-East forces also captured twelve insurgents, disarmed thirteen improvised explosive devices, and discovered a weapons cache.

Elsewhere in Aghanistan, Shah Gul, a senior Taliban leader in Balkh province, was killed during an ISAF operation. Shah Gul was involved in kidnapping operations, procuring and distributing weapons and military equipment to insurgents in the local area, and collecting illegal taxes in order to fund insurgent activities. An unidentified Taliban leader was killed in Ghazni province by Afghan commandos working with coalition forces.

ISAF also reported that two senior Taliban leaders were captured during operations over the last two days. One was nabbed in Helmand province, the other was captured in Baghlan province.