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Taliban Leader Whacked by ISAF
By Harold Hutchison

Qari Adil was a senior Taliban leader in Jowzjan province who was responsible for illegal tax collection in Jowzjan and Balkh provinces, intimidating local civilians into paying illegitimate fees in order to fund Taliban operations, assassinating multiple village elders who had resisted his extortion activities, and facilitating the movement of weapons and military equipment for use in attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. No longer – ISAF took him out during operations on 21 May.

ISAF forces also wounded a senior Taliban leader in Kandahar province, and captured a Taliban leader and four flunkies in Helmand province. Also, a joint Afghan Local Police/coalition force found and destroyed an explosive manufacturing laboratory in Logar province.

ISAF’s Regional Command East reported that forces under its command killed 13 insurgents, captured nine, disarmed fifteen improvised explosive devices, and located one weapons cache. Eight of the insurgents were killed during operations in the Andar district of Ghazni province.