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Pentagon Paying $150 a Gallon For “Green” Jet Fuel
By Harold Hutchison

As part of a search for energy sources aside from the usual fossil fuels, the Department of Defense is buying jet fuel that costs $150 per gallon. The cost is dozens of times higher than jet fuel produced via conventional means, which goes for $2.88 per gallon.

According to a report by the Washington Free Beacon, the Pentagon has been buying algae-based jet fuel in an effort to promote biofuels, along with other forms of alternate fuels, ranging from use of the Fischer-Tropsch process to the use of alcohol-based fuels. A GAO report cited by the Washington Free Beacon noted that one reason for the higher price of biofuels is the fact that feedstock used to create a number of biofuels costs more than jet fuel produced via conventional means – before any transportation or conversion occurs.

In one case from 2012, “green” fuel was purchased from Gevo, Inc., a Colorado-based company, at a price of $59 a gallon. The company is headed by a major donor to the Democratic Party. Earlier that year, “green” fuel used during the Navy’s RIMPAC exercise off Hawaii cost he Navy $26 per gallon.

The Free Beacon noted that for $150 per gallon price, Navy will receive 1,500 gallons of fuel, for a total cost of $225,000. That would be just enough to fill four 370-gallon drop tanks for an F-16 Fighting Falcon, with only 20 gallons to spare. To put that into perspective, using conventional jet fuel, filling those four tanks would cost $4, 320.  The DOD would then have $220,680 left over, enough to purchase 1,643 500-round cases of Silver Bear ammunition in .223 Remington caliber from CheaperThanDirt.com.