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Page Nine No. 124 -- Background Checks Are Failing

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confusion isn't helping:


We already know the proposed
background-check bill was a gun-registration plan.
But the huge
background checks we already have just turn the criminals
You didn't know that?
Do we need more of
Featured story below.

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Alan Korwin

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1- South Korea Makes U.S.
2- Associated Press CEO Gets His Own Medicine
Syrian Kidnapping Spun Into Anti-Gun Story


Set Free, Constantly
    Lack of Prosecutions Outrages
    Push for More of the Same Now
    Monitor the Innocent or Capture the

5- NICS Operations Stats Too Horrible to

6- 80% of Kids Die From Undisclosed Causes
7- U.N. Arms
Trade Treaty Coming June 3

No. 124

The Uninvited Ombudsman
Report, May 30, 2013
by Alan Korwin, Bloomfield Press

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friends -- Permission to circulate granted --

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When people
tell me: "But I'm only one person," I shoot right back:
"Everyone is only one person." If what you need are some ideas, try
Tactics That
Work: http://www.gunlaws.com/Tactics%20That%20Work.htm.
If you want to set brush fires, try cognitive dissonance: The Politically
Corrected Glossary, http://www.gunlaws.com/politicallycorrect.htm.
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate,
tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." 


we are constantly assured that a gun registry would never be made
public, the same assurance was made for CCW carry-permit files. Looks
happened there -- entire communities have had themselves and their
property exposed. Is this something we want to encourage? Should people
who have done such violence to privacy be brought up on


Complete details on the
so-called "universal background check" fraud are explored in this issue of
Page Nine. There's a reason that bill was defeated, despite "news" claims
of overwhelming support. Nancy Pelosi wrote to me and said it is 92% in
favor (the media was wrong with their claim of 90%, go figure). Nothing
serious in government has 92% support, not even giving away

The feds have apparently found 99,000 wanted fugitives
trying to buy guns (a serious crime by itself). They had them standing
there with the FBI on the phone, and then just turned them all loose. Sent
them walking! Half a million hardened criminals too, same thing. Is
that what 90% of the public supports? Is this what the "news"
reported to you? What's wrong with this picture? I gathered the numbers,
you can read the story later:

Why don't they arrest all the Brady criminals the
That's another story:


Doug L. asks, and I frankly haven't got a good answer: "Logically, if voter
ID laws are discriminatory because they require a photo ID, then aren't gun
background checks discriminatory because they require a photo ID?" Great
question. Do we have to give up one, or both? Maybe the whole
discrimination thing has gotten out of


If we can justify a government-run list of guns and gun
could we justify a government-run list of gold and gold


"If you knew all your rights you might demand

While your elected officials yell and scream for more
they have little idea of all the laws we already have on the
This is the book that has them all, described so you can
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The media
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Zimmerman Case

The family of a charming young teenage boy had
pictures of their adorable young child circulated by the "news" media after
he was brutally shot to death by a ruthless wannabe vigilante. Then it came
out that the teenager was actually a 6-foot-two-inch football player with a
history of violence and gang connections who had pounded the block-watch
captain's head into the pavement until he was bleeding and nearly
unconscious. The survivor, on trial for his life, caught a tough break from
a circuit-court judge in pre-trial motions the other day.

It turns
out that prosecutors seeking to convict George Zimmerman for (the merciless
cold-hearted vigilante murder of poor little Trayvon) (defending himself
against the brutal life-threatening assault by Trayvon Martin) (you pick),
will be able to suppress all evidence showing the attacker's controversial
school records, previous drug use, history of prior fights, ownership of
removable gold-tooth caps, or any text messages and photos found on
Martin's cell phone, which defense attorney Mark O'Mara has seen. A delay
in the proceedings was also denied. Trial is set for June 10. If you think
the nation's diligent media turned the Jody Arias thing into a circus, you
ain't seen nothin'.

Anyone armed who is concerned about a fair
trial should keep this in mind, and read After You Shoot: Your gun's
hot, the perp's not, now what?
It's always better to avoid a
gunfight than to win one.
Zimmerman, who is living in hiding, and will likely have to continue doing
so if he wins the case, has gained more than 100 pounds since the incident
in February 2012.

For good measure, the judge decided witnesses
will be banned from saying if they think the trial is politically
motivated. You may recall the initial police investigation found this to be
a clear case of self defense, with no grounds for a trial.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton got on TV, and a Florida prosecutor who
usually has nothing to do with such activity took up the case amidst a
non-stop firestorm of political commentary that blacked out all other news
coverage for days. Worse than the Arias


Of the top 200 colleges and
universities in the U.S., not a single one had a conservative deliver the
commencement address at graduation in 2013. Liberals feel they must exist
in a hermetically sealed bubble in order to survive.  --Dennis


1- South Korea Make U.S.

The lamestream media told you:
lamestream media told you:

Seoul, South Korea -- North Korea fired
three short-range guided missiles into its eastern waters on Saturday, a
South Korean official said
(emphasis added). It routinely tests such
missiles, but the latest launches came during a period of tentative
diplomacy aimed at easing tensions, according to Sam Kim, reporting for the
Associated Press. The story was picked up by every major mainstream news
outlet. http://tinyurl.com/ayz7u3q

The Uninvited Ombudsman
notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however

The United States had South Korea make an announcement to
the AP, for reasons that were unclear, about North Korea's routine test
firing of missiles. The U.S. typically makes such announcements, and frames
the context. In this case, the launches were described relative to
"tentative diplomacy" aimed at easing tensions.

It is the U.S.
that monitors all North Korean missile launches from our ground-based
visual, radar, radio, infrared and microwave monitoring stations, as well
as seismic, piloted, drone, naval and satellite observations posts, and
from spies all around North Korea. Most of South Korea's monitoring
capabilities are directly tied to U.S. support.

"There is always a
reason why the U.S. allows its allies to make reports instead of doing it
directly, but it's unclear why they let the South Koreans do it this time,"
a knowledgeable observer pointed out. The lapdog AP reported the report
that was reported, without reporting, in typical "news reporting"

In other news, U.S. agents chose to inform the AP
directly that North Korea withdrew two mid-range "Musudan" missiles
recently, and pointed out that the North is banned from ballistic missile
launches under U.N. Security Council resolutions, as if that's meaningful.
Why they didn't have the South make this announcement was also unclear, but
the AP dutifully carried the handout they were handed.

No one
involved pointed out that these U.N. resolutions are meaningless wastes of
paper, ignored by everyone and serve no purpose other than to fill
newspaper space, thereby contributing to deforestation and global


2- Associated Press CEO Gets His Own

The lamestream media told you:
lamestream media told you:

PHILIP ELLIOTT -- WASHINGTON (AP)- - The Associated Press' president
and chief executive says the government's secret seizure of two months
of reporters' phone records has already had a chilling effect on
newsgathering, a week after the subpoenas were revealed

his first television interviews since the AP reported the Justice
Department seizure, Gary Pruitt on Sunday said it has made sources less
willing to talk to AP journalists and, in the long term, could limit
Americans' information from all news outlets
(emphasis added). He
called it "unconstitutional" and a violation of the First

people of the United States will only know what the government wants
them to know and that's not what the framers of the Constitution had in
mind when they wrote the First Amendment,'' he said. In a separate
interview Pruitt said, ''I can tell you we are positively displeased and
we do feel... violated.'' http://tinyurl.com/nmmd9jk

Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes
however that:

clueless even after government agents "violated" them, the AP leader
(and his minions judging by their ongoing behavior), believes government
interference might restrict news the American public gets, and that the
"news" machine's cozy relationship with government isn't already among
main limitations on information the public receives. "Chilling" effects
on reporters is such a remote factor it is hardly worth

public is actually lucky that government agents illegally
collected a ton of
information from the AP," said The Uninvited Ombudsman, "as this woke up
that slumbering giant to the
normal levels of abuse the public routinely faces." Awakened and
outraged, the AP may actually do something, where it otherwise snores so
loudly you can't hear its mind-numbing banter. Government overreach and
rights violations in Second Amendment issues are legendary and well
known, despite news

Reporters, especially AP reporters, are already one

of the greatest restrictions on news the American public gets. See, for
example, any of these 123 reports: http://www.gunlaws.com/PageNineIndex.htm.

grotesque ethical violations in the "news" that are fun but infuriating,
look here: http://www.gunlaws.com/NewsAccuracy.htm.

outside the approved mainstream narrative is suppressed or distorted
beyond recognition, a fact known by anyone who carefully follows a
subject of interest to them. The AP is famous for taking government
handouts and spoon-feeding them to the public with no reporting

Among the most abused and suppressed areas of news,
readers of Page Nine know, are anything not left of center, such as
firearms, religion, abortion, taxation, Tea Party activity, classical
economics, classical education, Western civilization, capitalism, public
morality, the entertainment industry, the purpose of government or even
the news media itself. The most basic political questions are never even
asked: http://www.gunlaws.com/the%20liberty%20poll.htm

a popular media technique, we could take Pruitt's words above out of
context, and use them to summarize the standard model of AP reporting for
stories: "The people of the United States will only know what the
government wants them to know." That's an exact quote. An accent might
provide some clever color, just for fun: "Ze people
of ze United States vill only know vat ze government vants zem to
know." Maybe not so funny.


3- Syrian Kidnapping Spun Into Anti-Gun

The lamestream media told you:
The lamestream
media told you:

Gunmen on Saturday abducted the elderly father
of Syria's deputy foreign minister
(emphasis added) in the latest
kidnapping targeting family members of figures in President Bashar Assad's
regime, according to a story with no attribution or byline in The
Arizona Republic
, attributed in "news" media elsewhere nationwide to
the AP http://tinyurl.com/qfz2q8y. There was
no immediate claim of responsibility...

The Uninvited Ombudsman
notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however

Rebels on Saturday abducted the elderly father of
Syria's deputy foreign minister... Islamists on Saturday abducted
the elderly father of Syria's deputy foreign minister... Kidnappers
on Saturday abducted the elderly father... Unknown thugs on
Saturday... Someone on Saturday... gunmen is a biased term
used by bigots in the media to smear gun ownership...

In lockstep
compliance with Dr. Brown's rules for vilifying guns in the "news," AP
reporters Bassem Mroue and Albert Aji on Sunday turned a story about a
vicious muslim terror-tactic abduction into yet another gun-bashing story,
by using the slanderous word "gunmen," as Brown recommends, instead of
anything more accurate or descriptive.

Brown, whose revealing
guidelines help make any story into a gun story, and any gun story a
fear-filled screed, have been recently updated to include new buzzwords,
anti-rights programs, mind-numbing legislative proposals and propaganda
being promoted by liberals, now called progressives, leftists or blue

One look at his guidelines is instantly enlightening.
Much of what passes for news is described and recognizable as propaganda
techniques that can be applied by any writer, as in the case cited above.
Why call a kidnapper a kidnapper and lose an opportunity to smear firearms,
when you can simply refer to any criminal as a gunman, and get the job

The new release of the guidelines is posted here:

Don't end up in more trouble than the

After You Shoot: Your gun's hot. The perp's
not. Now what?

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Get it on Kindle:



Background-Checked Fugitives Set Free,

Lack of
prosecutions outrages Congress.

Lack of arrests outrages everyone
(except the media, who are clueless).

Congress is 20 years behind
the curve on this one.

Push for more of the same in Manchin-Toomey
bill now questioned.

Do we want innocents surveyed or criminals

The lamestream media told
The lamestream media told you:

Nothing. They missed this
part of the story altogether.
Actually, that's not correct. They had it
and suppressed it.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Rep. Trey
Gowdy (Rep., SC) asked AG Eric Holder why so few failed background checks
lead to prosecutions. Holder didn't answer. Trey actually helped him off
the hook, sympathizing about the low "jury appeal" of NICS-denial

But after all, attempting to buy a firearm if you're an
escapee, felon, fugitive, jihadi, certified mental case, illegal alien,
renunciant, drug lord, etc., is a five-year federal felony, on top of
filling out the form falsely, on top of handling the gun before trying to
buy it.

That's what the NICS background check finds and prevents,
or so we're led to believe. What happens to all those attempted criminals?
Then the AG ducked and dodged about seeking to grant illegals citizenship
(which would remove them from the prohibited possessor list, by the way).
All media follow these things but it somehow didn't make the "news" (watch
five juicy minutes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaxZeA9VscI).

are the numbers since NICS checks began. The lamestream has kept this out
of the debate for reasons that become immediately obvious:

In other
words, we prevented one million gun sales from going through,
presumably because these people are murderers, rapists, fugitives,
muslim warriors and similar. We have the FBI on the phone, the bad guys
standing there waiting in front of an armed guy (the gun dealer), and the
bad guy's name and address on a form, from a picture ID. Why don't we
arrest these people? We turn them loose.

The FBI looked
them up, determined they're on Wanted Posters (figuratively speaking), or
just got out of prison, or committed some major (or not so major) crime
years ago, or are on a watch list, or whatever. The FBI utters the single
word "Deny" to the dealer, and that's it.

Then you tell the
criminal in front of you, "Have a nice day, please close the door as you
leave." That's what the new and improved "universal background check" that
failed in the Senate is designed to do too, but to more people. The phrase
"lacks sufficient prosecutorial merit" only enters the discussion in this
Page Nine report.

People who hate guns or have no respect for gun
rights want to expand the system so more innocent people are included in
the FBI list of 10.3 million people-to-be-kept gunless. More (theoretical,
I'll get to that in a moment) criminals will be found and turned loose too.
Gun owners and people who can see what's going on want to do something
about the tens of thousands of criminals we're supposedly finding and
turning loose with the system we have.

So which should it be? Deal
with these countless (supposed) criminals we're finding now, or throw more
wood on the fire? Add more burden to the innocent or burden the criminals
already? We barely have funds to do either. We apparently have will to do
neither. Bizarre.

But wait -- are these really criminals we're
finding? If the FBI numbers are correct -- and why wouldn't they be -- 1.01
million Americans have had their right to keep and bear arms denied by a
computer readout and a bureaucrat on the phone (a call-center clerk,
actually).  That's the FBI's NICS process. Where is the due process in
that? Don't you have to be tried, face a jury, have a judge, a lawyer,
compulsory process for calling witnesses, rules of evidence, something more
than a clerk and a phone call, to have your fundamental constitutional
rights stripped away from you?

Oh, I'm sorry, you have the right
to appeal the computer's denial of your rights, so that makes the system
fair? Many people appeal the denials and win, so this is good? No, this
means the system is falsely denying people their rights, and no one is
being punished for the false denials. This means you are found guilty,
and are allowed to prove your innocence.
Guilty until proven innocent
is reprehensible in the American system of justice.

Who concocted
this abomination? Denial of civil rights under color of law is a criminal
offense. 18 USC §241 et seq. The system is run by... wait for it...
the Dept. of Justice.

Maybe they don't prosecute more of these
because they know they can't get convictions?* Maybe we aren't denying guns
to hardened criminals after all? You can't have it both ways. If NICS is
keeping us safe, and mass murderers, or regular murderers, or just escapees
and lo-class thugs are being prevented from buying guns at retail and
paying sales tax, then we should definitely begin arresting them while they
stand around at known locations.

If on the other hand, the system
isn't all it's cracked up to be, and far too many of these people are
regular citizens being denied their rights by a computer, then the idea of
expanding the program needs a second look. How much computerized rights
denial should we introduce into the fabric of society?

should prove the worth of NICS by arresting the tens of thousands of
criminals it claims to find, try them in court, make us all safer, and see
if that's truly the case.

Where is the "news" media on all this?
Once again, their coverage is abysmal. The public is not misinformed, they
are uninformed, incapable of making anything approaching a rational
decision. Congress, as you'll see, is in the same


*Back when this began in 1994, I was told by
numerous authorities that a NICS denial is insufficient grounds for
prosecution (or even a response or arrest!) for all sorts of reasons. That
White Paper will stun you: http://www.gunlaws.com/BradyArrestsLacking.htm.
Sorry, Mr. Gowdy, you're 19 years behind the curve, and the "news" media
has left you there. It's not your fault. In all fairness, they're there

Two of my favorite excuses from back then, this one
from the Clinton White House, Janet Reno Justice Dept, and ATF (all offered
the same response to my direct question): "The Brady law is neither
designed nor intended to increase the annual number of federal

...and this one merely philosophical from a
knowledgeable observer: "Because unless we have more crime and violence we
won’t be able to justify taking everybody’s gun


It's easier to take
some of this as a novel:
Heart-pounding and insightful --

They Came For Our Guns
The Came For Our


a good time for a good read.


5- NICS Operations Stats Too Horrible to

The lamestream media told you:
lamestream media told you:

Although 90% of Americans suddenly
support something called "universal background checks," which they had
never heard of before, now that a madman killed little children in
Connecticut, Congress has done nothing. The checks would have done nothing
to save the children, a point on which everyone agrees. Dianne Feinstein's
bill to ban guns Americans already own, which she has been promoting for 20
years, did not even make it to Congress, again. Bills to identify crazy
people have not been introduced. Or drafted.

Sen. Schumer's
various modifications of Feinstein's bill, as well as bills of his own
suffered the same fate, despite overwhelming support. The Manchin-Toomey
amendment, which we told you had overwhelming support of 90%, only got 56%
support in the Senate and died. The actual contents of the 49-page bill
were never reported in any lamestream "news" outlet, not even the fair and
balanced one. It was described in detail in Page Nine: http://www.gunlaws.com/PageNineIndex.htm

Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes
however that:

I could only find one official study of what goes on
between the NICS background-check office, the FBI, the BATFE and the US
Attorney's Office (USAO), which handles prosecution of criminals trying to
buy guns at retail and pay sales tax. I hope you didn't eat a heavy meal,
because you'll have trouble holding it down when you read this. The report
was issued in July 2004. http://www.justice.gov/oig/reports/ATF/e0406/exec.htm

is what the media is trying to convince you that 90% of the public

-- In the two years studied (CY 2002-2003), NICS handled
16.7 million background checks.

-- 121,909 people were denied
firearms, and the FBI referred these to ATF, who refers them to their Brady
Operations Branch, who refers them to their NICS coordinators, who refers
them to their ATF division offices, who refers them to their satellite
offices or field offices, to see if they meet "USAO prosecutorial
guidelines" so they can be brought up on charges of criminals  trying
to buy guns.

In other words, just because a person was denied a
firearm does not mean the U.S. prosecutors want to go after them. They have
to meet guidelines. Most don't.

Without boring you, most people in
the NICS chain-of-command don't have the guidelines, haven't been trained,
don't even know there are guidelines (I didn't, like you, I thought most
everyone caught is a criminal). The functionaries don't have a way to
communicate up or down the chain, have cases "without prosecutorial merit"
(which is not described) because they just send piles of "captures" over
without review. The space they have to make notes on their computer screens
is too small for notes.

Typical Keystone Kops procedures plague
the system -- "increasing the workload of already overburdened field
investigators... delaying investigation of prosecutable cases... cases
without merit... insufficient resources... insufficient staffing...
extensive case backlogs... " it's a loooonng list.

-- 7,030
prohibited possessors got firearms because their "delayed" response time
periods ran out. ATF agents either did not conduct retrievals, did not do
them in a timely fashion, took four months to more than a year, and did not
document retrievals so there was no way to tell what happened, if

-- Before trying to retrieve a gun from someone who
should not have it, ATF sends a letter telling the person to give it up.
Sometimes. They might include a deadline. They might act if there is no
response. Or not. They let the person give the gun to anyone, which can
include another person who cannot have a gun. Yes, you read that right. In
55% of these cases (from this study) ATF made no records of what happened,
and lets the case drop. Only ATF's high-profile homicides, arson of
occupied satructures and gun-smuggling makes the news.

special agents did not consider most of the prohibited possessors who had
obtained guns to be dangerous and therefore did not consider it a priority
to retrieve the firearm promptly." ATF did not track the retrieval process
at all.

-- ATF had not conducted a NICS coordinator training
conference in years. When it did, 6 of the 17 coordinators showed

-- In a sample of 200 denials referred for action, 22 were
illegal aliens. These are referred to Dept. of Homeland Security (ICE) and
the Brady Operations Center. The ATF division offices "closed these cases
without investigation because they did not involve other prohibiting
factors." Illegal alien status is one of the nine enumerated bans specified
in statute. ATF has decided not to enforce this law, out of

-- In 36% to 95% of the cases, NICS division field offices
provide no feedback to the Brady Ops Branch. Command has little idea what
the local offices are up to. "Several of the field office group supervisors
told us they did not investigate the majority of the referrals they

-- Between 8% and 35% of denials in
the samples were people found not to be prohibited from possessing

-- Only 154 cases were prosecuted of the 16.7
million checks of the 121,909 denials. ATF had sent only 230 to the U.S.
Attorney's Office, USAO accepted on 185, and then went after only 154. I
recall reading somewhere it managed to convict a small handful. The
Washington Post
reports that for 2010 (out of more than six million
NICS checks):

"In the end, 62 cases were referred for prosecution,
but most were
declined by prosecutors or dismissed by the court. Out of the original
73,000 denials, there emerge just 13 guilty pleas." Is this what 90% of
the public supports? The Post only ran this online.

are we paying for the 13 guilty pleas? Is this a good use of limited
resources, or does it just make some people feel good, and make anti-rights
legislators look good as long as the "news" keeps you in the dark and you
don't know what's really going on?

"Historically, USAOs have
been unsuccessful in achieving convictions in many of these cases and
consequently have been unwilling to expend their limited resources on
prosecuting most NICS cases."

Why? The report answers this
question about the much ballyhooed NICS system:

"These cases lack 'jury appeal' for various
reasons.  The factors
prohibiting someone from possessing a firearm may have been nonviolent
or committed many years ago.  The basis for the prohibition may have

been noncriminal (e.g., a dishonorable discharge from the U.S.
military).  It is also difficult to prove that the prohibited person
aware of the prohibition and intentionally lied to the FFL [federally
licensed dealer].  We were also told that in parts of the United
where hunting historically has been part of the regional culture, juries
are reluctant to convict a person who attempted to purchase a hunting

The big bottom line is that despite
all the BS about background checks, the real reason to increase the system
is to register more gun owners. Gun registration is a bad idea. If, like
Piers Morgan, you don't understand why:

does writing my name, or your name, in an FBI book help stop

If you really want background checks, they can be done
with zero registration, and 10% of the current cost:

your state gun laws --
It's better than finding out from

Gun laws protect you and control the

All our
books, DVDs and other goods are listed here by category and


6- 80% of Kids Die From Undisclosed

The lamestream media told you:
lamestream media told you:


one in five injury-related deaths in children and adolescents involve
firearms, reports Liz Szabo, a reporter whose anti-gun stories are regular
features in USA Today, a "news" paper with one of the worst anti-gun
bias records in America. Thanks to First Amendment protection, they can
spin stories and spew propaganda or anti-rights bigotry without any media

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

More than four out of five
injury-related deaths in children and adolescents do not involve firearms,
but framing a story this way is banned by USA Today bias
requirements. It is more important to imply fear of guns to readers, than
to warn parents that 80% of the lethal risks their children face are from,
well, the story doesn't say. Szabo is a winner of the excellence-in-media

"Why attack guns, when you could help more than 80% of
parents keep their kids safe?" asks the
Uninvited Ombudsman. "Do they have an agenda, rather than reporting the
news and keeping the Republic informed? Can we bring these reporters up
on some sort of ethics charges? Do they even know what harm they do,
attacking fundamental rights while hiding lethal truths from
the public?"

Unfortunately the answer is no, they know not what
they do.
They actually think they are doing good. It's unclear if "youths involved
in accidents" includes "gangbangers in ghettos shooting each other," a
frequent wording problem in lamestream reports.

A USA Today
story that encouraged gun ownership, and spoke highly of the many people
who are alive today because they were armed and shot hardened criminals,
well that story never ran in that paper, though it could run as often as
the scare tactics do. This is called ethics. Makes me ashamed of those


The Virginia Gun Owner's


New 8th Edition for 2013.
Includes the
chronological changes for 2010, 2011, 2012 and


7- The U.N. Is Preparing Global Gun

The lamestream media told you:
lamestream media told you:

Part I: The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty has
collapsed in complete failure. (That was back in June 2012; that was a
complete lie, a perfectly good draft treaty had been written and was a good
first step, as these things go). You can read it in plain English: http://www.gunlaws.com/Page9Folder100up/PageNine-114.htm

II: The final negotiating conference on the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty has
failed to produce a Treaty Text that achieved consensus approval, to report
to the U.N. General Assembly. It sounds like the wonderful effort by the
glorious U.N. for an international ban on horrible guns has ended in

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Here's what
really happened. In an effort to get unanimous support, called "consensus
approval," the U.N. negotiating conference voted on an Arms Trade Treaty
(ATT) draft and got three "no" votes -- from the worst human-rights
violators known to man -- Iran, Syria, and North Korea. They wanted to be
free of the U.N.'s proposed controls, which is a good thing in a bizarre
sort of way, but it won't stop the U.N.

That vote just kicked the
whole thing up to a vote of the General Assembly members, for a less
prestigious, but easier-to-get approval of the "Resolution" which has the
same language. On April 3, 2013 they got 154 yeas, 3 nays (the same ones)
and 23 abstentions. The U.S. voted
"yes" (but that doesn't mean we adopted it). Russia and communist China
were among the abstentions. This puts the draft in play, and instructs the
Secretary General to open it up for signatures.

When 50 nations
sign it -- and get it ratified by their governments -- and deposit that
ratification with the U.N., the treaty enters into effect, 90 days later.
That vote opens on June 3, a few days away. It is expected to pass. Our
president is expected to sign it, which is an action taken solely by the
Executive Branch, and is only for show. Sorta. The media and the antis will
treat like an act of Greatness.

For it to become law here though,
it would need ratification by 2/3 of the Senate (normally 67 out of 100
votes), and that is highly improbable. Now. But it will hang over our heads
literally forever. Procedural trickery could possibly achieve "two-thirds
ratification" with fewer than 67 votes, but that's another

You will see a flood of stories from the "news" soon
assuring you the ATT has little affect on the Second Amendment. That's
simply false. I'm also predicting a new narrative that bombards us with a
sense that we are "out of compliance with the international community," and
that our gun laws are "anachronistic," (old fashioned), no longer
appropriate, that the world is sneering at us, that we should get with the
program, and even that this should be the law even without it being the
law, and we should obey. The "news" media is becoming one of the greatest
impediments to freedom by campaigning for an agenda instead of reporting
what is.

"Small arms" are right there in the treaty language.
Signatories are required to create "national control lists" of all arms and
ammunition imports and exports, and since this includes parts and even
metals used, it's a very broad brush. Fine imported guns could be severely
affected (can you say Glock?) Make, model and end users are covered, the
U.N. is supposed to get copies of the lists, and the U.N. is supposed to
give copies to every other participating nation, who are encouraged to make
the lists public. "Improvements" are supposed to be made by amendment after
six years.

Will this affect the tyrants, dictators, mass
murderers, human-rights abusers, genocidal maniacs, people who want to wipe
Israel off the face of the Earth and others who it is ostensibly aimed at?
An extensive analysis in the Penn State Law Review by Kopel, Gallant
and Eisen (Vol. 114, No. 3) concludes that the ATT "would have no more
effective force than the arms embargoes that are already imposed by the
U.N. Security Council... accordingly, the ATT is a

The authors point out that, "Control Arms, the
leading international gun prohibition lobby, forthrightly acknowledges
that, every one of the 13 United Nations arms embargoes imposed in the last
decade has been systematically violated."


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Christmas in

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Alan, I'm pleased to answer, thanks for asking.  I listened to you on
ARMED AMERICAN RADIO yesterday evening here in Salem, Oregon on 1430am
KYKN.  I'm very interested (actually alarmed) at what's happening to
our 2nd Amendment, therefor am trying to learn and educate myself so I can
fight to keep this most important, God given civil right that we require to
protect ourselves.  It's frustrating, and I sometimes feel hopeless -
I live in a state with very liberal politicians - so I need encouragement
and direction too. David L.
Mr. Korwin:  I
just read your letter responding to the female legislator's question about
why anyone needs rifles and magazines, you get a standing ovation from me.
Thank you for so clearly and logically yet passionately answering a
question I must hear asked on an almost daily basis. The next time someone
does, I'll be handing them a copy to read for themselves. Jacqueline S.
http://www.gunlaws.com/NewtownOrEverytown.htm  [Thanks Jacq; you can
do that anytime. Those people are so lost, and the media keeps them there.
I recently read your article "how bad is antigun
rights bigotry?" and I just had to tell you that that is one of the best
articles I have ever read on gun laws. It was flawless, I mean you had all
the facts. I just had to tell you that the article is amazing. Keep it
up  -brenk [Love this review of course, but I can't for the life of me
tell which article he refers to...]
Officer Friendly in Boston

The media said they carried "rifles." They looked a
bit motley to me, ill-fitting gear, like they hadn't
worn it often, militarized as part of a federal program perhaps? Is this
who you are up against now when Officer Friendly comes knocking? How many
rounds do they need if there's 15 of them?
Is anyone really armed if this is who they face?

[I was so totally delighted to learn I wasn't the only
one to watch in horror as the brainwashed sheeple came out from their
shelter-in-place hovels and applauded the massive throngs of overwhelming
forces in impervious armor out to catch the wounded 19-year-old,
demonstrating that a handful of more 19-year-olds could bring America to a
standstill, before we applauded the heroism of jackbooted police troops who
would never violate the law or our rights and can shut us down just
lickety-split like that, even our cell phones. That was as big a story as
catching the kid (but it didn't run). They should run those pictures
non-stop, instead of the cherubic face of the youngster alleged monster.
The fact that they don't show that demonstrates the statist lapdog nature
of the media better than anything else.]

Media reports said the public cooperated with
police "requests," but video and images on the internet (less so on TV)
showed a different story, people barefoot, in robes, hustled out of their
homes without warrants or any remote degree of civility, no warrants, due
process, declaration of martial law, at gun point. Interviews showed
"thankful" people, not a single person perturbed showed up live on camera,
maybe that's just Boston, birthplace of liberty?

for yourself: http://tinyurl.com/cn8bad2

Korwin: I just read your letter responding to the female legislator's
question about why anyone needs rifles and magazines, you get a standing
ovation from me. Thank you for so clearly and logically yet passionately
answering a question I must hear asked on an almost daily basis. The next
time someone does, I'll be handing them a copy to read for themselves.
Jacqueline S. http://www.gunlaws.com/NewtownOrEverytown.htm 
[Thanks Jacq; you can do that anytime. Those people are so lost, and the
media keeps them there. Alan.]


I met Alan Korwin at an Arizona gun show. I wish we had an Alan
Korwin in Iowa.


Alan Korwin
Bloomfield Press
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