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Page Nine No. 119 -- SPECIAL - Uh Oh -- Gun Lobbyists Ready To Act

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No. 119

The Uninvited Ombudsman
Report, December 18, 2012
by Alan Korwin, Bloomfield Press

-- Tell your
friends -- Permission to circulate granted --

Uh oh
Gun lobbyists ready to get

[NOTE: So far, all I've heard in the
news is how we're going to have to accept
at least some of the things
the anti-rights people have planned for gun ownership,
"inevitable." Who exactly are they speaking

"Everything has to be on the table."
--Sen. Joe
Manchin (D-W.Va.)

Dear Editor,

The tragedy in
Newtown has gun lobbyists turned inside out. They fear for their own
children, and neighborhoods and local shops. They do. Their hearts are in
their throats.

The media are pounding them for answers, sometimes
with inane on-air grilling that shows a complete lack of understanding, or
worse, total bias against our rights and an abrogation of ethical behavior.
Reporters are seething with anger, as are so many politicians, and it's on
display. Have you watched Piers Morgan on CNN?

Something must be
done. The president has called on us to do something. Well who, our
nation's gun lobbyists are asking themselves, better to do that than

Who understands the issues better than we do, they ask? Who
knows how to draft good, clean, healthy gun laws that will get the desired
results? Are we to sit back sheepishly, and let the haters and the fearful
ignorantly plaster the nation with poorly thought out assaults on our
safety and our rights, as they have done so often in the past? Do we need
another foolhardy waiting period or ammo-tax proposal that does nothing to
stop crime -- or worse, unintentionally facilitates it?

Dianne Feinstein and Charles Schumer come up with another round of bans and
Clintonian scolding that does nothing to make people truly safer,
infringing on the innocent, just like last time? Or are we to rise up to
this challenge, take out our pens and thinking caps now, while there is
still time, and begin developing the laws the nation needs to help put an
end to these atrocities? The nation is screaming for action. We hear

We must meet the flood of irrational anti-rights
infringements we know will be offered with decent, reasonable, common-sense
laws that get the job done properly.

The nation cannot afford to
be bullied by anti-rights bigots on the march, seeking to assault civil
rights in the false name of justice, dancing in the blood of victims as
they always do. We cannot allow the slanderous use of the dead to motivate
an agenda of hate, degrading rights Americans cherish.

We must
take the initiative, and the moral high ground, deflect the infringements
before they arrive, and let the enemies of freedom struggle uphill against
rationale and reason.

The president said, "What choice do we
have?... Gun laws are a part of this..." Gun lobbyists worth their salt
agree with him. He said we need a broader plan too. This makes sense to

Here in Arizona we're already working on the broader part --
we want to see every citizen trained in gun safety and marksmanship. That
scares the ignorant masses but appeals to the knowledgeable. And what
better time to start than now.

You learn to swim even if you don't
have a pool, because water can kill you. The same goes for guns whether you
own one yet or not -- and of course guns, like water, can save your life --
a point the media suppresses with cruel regularity. Gun lobbyists know that
being gunless is dangerous, a problem that needs serious examination
nationwide. Nothing is off the table, especially education.
How many schools need to be sacrificed to bring that point home? Now
is the time.

Well, he's our president, even if we don't always see
eye-to-eye. He got 62,611,250 votes, in a country of 315 million. That's a
19.9% mandate. (The other guy got only 59,134,475, or 18.8%, a 1.1%
difference, deal with it fellas.) It's time to get cracking.

know the anti-rights side of the Second Amendment struggle will have
proposals, and we know their grasp of the subject is so low they need
counseling. They make proposals that actually hurt, not help. We cannot
allow them to squander precious resources without valid counter proposals
to get the job done right. It's time to help.

Lobbyists -- get off
your duffs. Start your engines, and start doing your jobs. Legislatures
open soon. Be ready.

Our president asked of us, "Are we prepared
to say that such violence visited on our children year after year after
year is somehow the price of our freedom?"

I say no, we are not
prepared for that. It's time to help. Thank you for the encouragement

While they waste time and resources banning what they
here are some opening suggestions that will help staunch the

1. END

What's your

Thanks to the anonymous person who circulated this
The public (first responders) should be just
as ready to react as the police (second responders).
They should be as
well equipped as the second responders. Parity with

Gun-free zones are known to be dangerous, reckless
and negligent. This is now repeatedly proven beyond any doubt. In public
property (government buildings) a separate set of rules will be needed, as
Arizona and other states have adopted. A decent respect for the rights of
private property owners prevents us as a society from mandating an end to
privately maintained make-believe gun-free zones. This is the solution that
must be on the table:

The Gun-Free-Zone
Liability Act

"If you make a so-called gun-free zone by
hanging signs you are liable for any harm it causes."

Read more
and get draft language here. It's time to


Francisco gun-free school zones, proudly displayed on the
city website



well-intentioned but unenforceable feel-good do-nothing Clinton-era
gun-free-school-zones act has not been used because it cannot be used, and
was never expected to be used. Even known perpetrators are not charged
under this feckless silliness.

All it does is serve to confuse the
legally armed public with huge zones of pseudo liability right outside your
homes and along your roads. It must be brought to an end. It creates tens
of millions of artificial "offenses" a day with absolutely no legal, law
enforcement or crime prevention benefit to society. The public knows it.
Law enforcement knows it. The Justice Dept. knows it. The media is
blissfully unaware of it. Gun haters and hoplophobes can't let it go. They

Nothing is off the table. Repeal this foolish law. Show some
moral courage. Bend. It's time to help. See the maps and get the elegant
and simple draft legislation here. The
carefully crafted draft bill leaves schools alone but eliminates the
worthless zones. It's time to help.


National Teacher and Student Safety Enabling Act"

We trust our
children to the nation's teachers. We expect our nation's teachers to be
intelligent, competent, educated, trustworthy, capable, and capable of
being trained. Who better to have some modicum of self-defense training and
ability than the people who have our kids under their wings all day

When Joe and Sally Q. Public can take a short class and
qualify for armed defense of themselves, surely the same can be said for
teachers, school administrators, principals, educators, even janitors and
auxiliary staff. Aren't our public school teachers at least as capable as
the public?

Get the federal roadblocks and teachers union
"organizers" out of the way and help get our kids some protection right
. It is irresponsible and negligent to leave them utterly

You teachers, listen up -- the great civil-rights
hero Malcolm X described it perfectly in 1964 when he said: "It is criminal
to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of
brutal attacks." A person with a court order of protection can be safely
armed almost immediately. Order the protection now. Lobbyists know this.
Know you do too. There is no time for delay. It's time to

Teachers -- you can act
Get cans of 20-foot wasp spray for every
classroom. $2 each at Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace, any local hardware store. No
paperwork. No admin. No waiting. Don't ask don't tell. Use pocket change.
Get some for home use too. Act now. More personal safety ideas: http://www.gunlaws.com. (P.S. Please,
do not let this change in mindset shortstop the needed change in
preparation (i.e., you don't bring a knife to a


Right now schools are a black hole of
ignorance when it comes to firearms education. For most of the nation's
history, children learned the value of guns in protecting us, securing our
borders, their role in preserving peace and freedom, and their positive
place in history and society. It is time to replace ignorance with

With half of all American homes equipped with firearms,
gun safety and marksmanship should be a normal natural element of a
high-school education. Education or ignorance? Text books or video games?
Nothing is off the table.

Gun owners know that learning to safely
handle firearms builds character, improves concentration, teaches eye-hand
coordination and motor skills that apply to all other fields. Let our kids
get away from the foolish stupidity of Hollywood-movie nonsense and learn
the realities protected by the Bill of Rights, first hand.

Even as
an elective class, what do you think kids would pick -- pottery, poetry, or
range time with a bolt-action .22 like so many of us did as kids? Ranges
around the country would open their doors on a voluntary basis to welcome
kids and their parents, teachers and chaperones for safety training and an
educational experience second to none.

How do you feel
about that? The knee-jerk revulsion the media drumbeat is pounding, or our
amazing national heritage at risk of being drowned out? Colonial patriots
or sneering beltway bureaucrats? What values is America to cleave

We valued our heritage for most of our history, it's what made
us great. It's time to get back to those roots. Reinvigorate our
fundamental civil rights. Let the other side yell at us for this. They
don't know better, so we need to show them sympathy, tolerance and
compassion, for they need to learn these things too. It's our job to show

Yes, some of this will take time, but that makes it no less
worthy. Offer the choice -- education or ignorance. Give them choice. Offer
to take them out for some constructive range time. To anyone who yells at
you for suggesting gun safety and marksmanship as part of a high-school
education, offer range time, and pick up the tab. Range owners -- introduce
a program to encourage this. It's time to help.

Model legislation (already enacted):


is supremely unqualified to draft laws that deal with guns to make

people safe? Unfortunately -- it's the people the media is
promoting to introduce bills: legislators who are hoplophobic. You
don't let people with aquaphobia (fear of water) design swim classes.
Letting people with fear of weapons design weapon laws is borderline

its desperate grasp-at-straws approach to so-called "gun-control,"
anti-rights activists are planning once again to ban selected firearms
by brand name or looks. This makes less sense than their olden calls for
ineffective waiting periods, which they have long since

were told, you'll recall, that if only we could make people wait five
days (or a month) to
get a gun, that's the answer. They didn't think it through -- these people
they were so fearful of would then be armed
for the rest of their lives.

The media bought it, and
promoted it, but it made no sense at all. Remember "crimes of passion"?
You would get a gun a week late and never be passionate again in your
life? It was delusional, had no effect on murderers or crime. We wasted
so much time and resource on that nonsense. They've quietly dropped that
canard, and the media has been complicitly silent about it.

lobbyists knew all along that was an illusory approach. The media has
hidden the mistake under the rug. Gear bans, and name-brand bans, and
"looks bans" and bullet-size bans are the new thing. And

"Banning guns by
brand name and looks has no effect on psychopaths."

anti-rights bigots now
beseech you to ban a fine sport-utility rifle like the AR by calling it a
bad name, to make it against the law. That's how a child thinks. Millions
of people already
safely own these and legally use them constantly. People and police
worldwide prefer it for its exceptional design, accuracy, reliability
and looks, its flexibility and ease of maintenance, things the fearful
do not understand at all. Fear-driven legislators seek its control
because... because... it shoots bullets. Would they rather we use a

Dianne Feinstein and others are already bragging --
bragging -- they intend to introduce bans of guns by name and looks.
Don't they learn? Don't they realize there are 300 million guns already
in the public's hands? How will a ban on guns by name stop criminals or
protect the children? It will not. The laws suggested above

America -- the gun banners are about to squander our limited
resources again. The media beating the drum for them will. But it may be
too late. They've hypnotized you. You're in lockstep. You want those

Companies will just start making guns with new names,
and new looks, just like before. It is the same worthless, feel-good,
legislation hoplophobes keep pushing, harming our safety and compromising
freedom -- and their oaths of office.

Even the New York

admitted the last name-brand ban stopped no crimes, saved no lives,
accomplished no goals. When it expired, nothing changed, there was no
sudden crime wave they foamed about. Do not let them go down this dry well
again, no
matter how good it makes them feel:

York Times
Recognizes Ten Years Of Errors

law was a fraud, with virtually no effect on crime or important

They understand nothing about the AR or
other brand they like to pick on, and that cannot be allowed to
influence this critically important debate. Bans by name brand and
looks simply force development of new products and do nothing to keep us
safe or stop madmen.

Brand-name bans deserve ridicule, loudly and publicly. "Banning guns by
brand name has no effect on psychopaths." If it affects the public but
has no impact on murderers it is a non-starter.

Assault is a kind of
behavior, not a kind of hardware.

Keep reminding them of
They keep forgetting.


At a
time when every government expenditure is under a microscope, we can still
recommend and plead for inducements to get the public, educators, and
businesses to do the right thing and practice with the firearms they
already own, to enhance the safety of the community. It is only

All these guns are out there. Shouldn't people be
proficient, know their guns are in good working order, be able to hit their
targets? Is it better to leave all these guns idle, their owners complacent
in the knowledge that they can act in an emergency, but without incentive
to get in some range time once in a while?

Think of the economic
stimulus even a tiny tax incentive could provide. With ranges crowded,
people teaching each other, instructors busy, sales strong (well, the
clamor for infringements has already accomplished that), the sagging
economy will get a needed boost, as safety gets a needed boost too.
(Actually, as we already know and the media consistently fails to report,
the gun industry is a very bright spot in a moribund economy.) And
late-breaking news, the media drumbeat has artificially depressed gun-stock
prices, a "buy" recommendation from some analysts.

On second
thought, I'm basically against using taxes this way, to change behavior, it
violates the basis of our governmental scheme, forget I suggested this.
It's just that I anticipate proposals to use taxation against the Second
Amendment, even though that should be strictly off the table, 2A doesn't
allow it. Or maybe we can just take a page from the Supreme Court decision
in the Obamacare case, using Congress' authority to tax. You can avoid a $5
tax penalty on your next IRS filing if you can attach proof that you
went to a range or bought a firearm in the past year. It's time to


We cannot afford to just wait for the other side to
introduce and fight laws that infringe on our rights, which you know they
are cooking up. We know what they have cooked up in the past -- horrible
counterproductive laws that impose penalties on the law abiding and do
nothing to the law breakers.

We need constructive countermeasures,
and we need them now. See their prior confiscation plans here:

state legislature should have bills introduced to free its citizens with
regard to gun rights.

Freedom is what this is all about, do not
forget that. If a bill maximizes freedom it has merit. Keep asking yourself
this: Does it maximize freedom? If a proposal minimizes freedom it
is wrongheaded and should be taken off the table, discredited,

Empower the innocent. Expand our rights. Put guns in
the hands of teachers and parents and responsible people and encourage them
in the traditions of this great nation. Do not let the fear mongering,
chicken-little blinders and hand wringing of the ignorant control or even
direct this debate.

You and your legislators -- who you need to
talk to personally -- need to be up front and center, leading the way with
the kind of gun laws our president wants -- only he doesn't know it, yet.
But we do. It's time to help.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid
vowed, according to the AP, that Congress would soon, "engage in a
meaningful conversation."

I say, "Bring it."

I have
a whole set of Model Laws posted here,
of which are already drafted, or even enacted,
here in Arizona,
arguably the gun friendliest state in the Union.
Go ahead
-- fight us for that title.

Don't let the media's
yellow-journalism pounding get to you.

We have earned a flat zero
on the Brady report card,
and are proud of what that means. Do you
think we could get
a minus score with some really creative laws like
Ammo stamps for the indigent?
They have to practice too, you

"news" media doesn't understand that at all,
but I know you do. A
little levity is good for the soul.

Seriously, here's what we've
done lately:

The Arizona Citizens Defense League
Arizona's grassroots

The media keeps telling me they want me to
provide balance, the other side of the story.
They think the two sides
are: we should take guns away, no we shouldn't take guns away.
They are
soooo lost.

The two sides of this particular story are:
are sometimes used by criminals to do bad things,
and guns are used
constantly to do good things.
The media doesn't have a clue that
side of the story even exists.

lobbyists need to tell them,
by proposing laws to enhance the good that
guns can do --
like protect us and the children we love so

It's time to help.
God knows we need

Alan Korwin, Publisher, Bloomfield Press
Uninvited Ombudsman