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ONR Exhibits Top Weapon Technologies at Modern Day Marine

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As the Office of Naval Research (ONR) opened its Modern Day Marine Expo Sept. 27, it demonstated the very latest in technologies aimed at providing specialized capabilities for the Marine Corps.

Cosponsored by the Marine Corps Systems Command, which acquires and sustains weapon systems and gear for Marines, the annual event in Quantico, Va., serves as the corps' premier equipment, systems, services and technology exposition.

"ONR's participation at Modern Day Marine is an important two-way stimulator for creative thought, discussions of ideas and situational awareness," said Dan Simons, who leads the Fires Thrust team, part of ONR's Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare & Combating Terrorism Department.

Modern Day Marine, billed as the world's largest military trade show directed at increasing capabilities for expeditionary forces, is expected to draw about 500 exhibitors. The exhibit presents thousands of attendees-including senior leaders, scientists and engineers from government and industry-with opportunities to directly interact with U.S. Marines and acquisition personnel responsible for equipping the corps.

The ONR exhibit, located within Booth No. 2628, will feature the following technologies through Sept. 29:

* Army Advanced Weapons Sight Technology-next-generation weapon sights for enhanced situational awareness, threat detection, range performance and target engagement
* Awareness Lightweight Engagements and Remote Targeting 6.2-highly transparent polymer materials used for lightweight, high-resolution military optical components
* Azimuth and Inertial Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)-a hand-held, highly accurate alternative to the Digital Magnetic Compass
* High-Performance Alloys for Weapons Applications-a super alloy designed to withstand the high-temperature, high-pressure, erosive environments found inside machine gun barrels
* Integrated Day-Night Sight Technology-weapon sights that discern friendly forces from hostile forces and noncombatants in environments ranging from daylight to darkest night and obscurants
* Marksmanship and Small Arms Trainer-an interactive training simulation that documents individual task performance in real time and is suitable for both live-fire and virtual environments
* MEMS-Based Fuze for Flight-Controlled Mortar-a newly developed fuze that is much smaller than the conventional M734A1 mortar fuze
* MEMS Ignition Safety Device-a compact, low-energy, low-cost igniter that actuates locks and provides a barrier to achieve "safe" and "arm" positions for rockets
* Precision Universal Mortar Attack-a semi-active laser and GPS guidance-based system that offers precision, complex terrain insertion capability for mortars
* Small-Caliber Caseless Ammunition-new propellant technology that eliminates the need for a cartridge case

ONR provides the science and technology necessary to maintain the Navy and Marine Corps' technological advantage. Through its affiliates, ONR is a leader in science and technology with engagement in 50 states, 70 countries, 1,035 institutions of higher learning and 914 industry partners. ONR employs approximately 1,400 people, comprising uniformed, civilian and contract personnel, with additional employees at the Naval Research Lab in Washington, D.C.

Article by Office of Naval Research Corporate Communications