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Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the brutal terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya and here's where we stand:

>> A US Ambassador, two former Seals and a State security contractor are dead;

>> The terrorists responsible are still at large;

>> The Special Operations Team hunting them has been recalled from Libya;

>> The Full Select Committee Investigation needed in Congress to uncover the truth is being blocked in House of Representatives;

>> We still have no idea where the President was or what he was doing the night of the attack;

>> We've seen a parade of Administration officials testifying and on TV trying to wash their hands clean of what happened -- Hillary Clinton, most of all.

President Obama has done nothing about Benghazi but when not a single American is killed in Syria, he is ready to start a regional war and put the security of our nation and our allies at risk.

The truth is shameful -- but for Obama and his advisors it's all just politics.

He's used our military as a campaign tool to score political points for his Administration. It's time for President Obama and other government officials to stop jeopardizing national security operations for political gain!

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Not all enemies are on foreign shores. Some enemies are right here, serving in our highest levels of government, and putting you at risk.

While enemies like China, Iran, al-Qaeda and North Korea are struggling to make America look weak and timid, our own government is assisting them by allowing them to murder our citizens abroad and get away with it.

Obama has moved more aggressively to protect Syrians than he has our own people.

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Countless failures and decisions by the Obama Administration and other government officials have undermined the success of our Intelligence and Special Operations forces and put future missions and personnel at risk.

By failing to come clean on Benghazi Obama has disgraced America.

Until there is justice for the Benghazi attack and a full investigation of the Obama Administration's extensive failure and cover-up -- the world will see our leadership as a joke.

Please make an immediate contribution to
. This is a mission that involves all of us -- and we must succeed.



CIA Senior Intelligence Service (SIS), Retired