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Halts American Deployments as Russia Continues Buildup
By Harold Hutchison

Barack Obama is continually delaying deployment of missile defenses for American allies in Europe due to Russian objections, even as Russia is deploying its own missile defenses. The latest development involves a March decision cancelling an alternative promised after the Obama Administration scrapped the Bush Administration’s plans for missile defenses in Europe in 2009.

According to an editorial in Investor’s Business Daily, Russia is building a new radar station in Armavir, on the Black Sea, and has also tested a new missile believed to violate the 1987 INF Treaty. The Obama Administration has had a pattern of yielding to Russian objections towards American missile defenses, but not objecting to Russian missile defenses.

Is the Obama Administration simply incompetent on national security and missile defense, or it is deliberately trying to weaken America vis-à-vis Russia?