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NASA Hire Linked to ChiCom Espionage
By Harold Hutchison

Representative Frank Wolf has alleged that NASA has allowed classified and sensitive information to fall into the hands of the Chinese Communists. The leak came about due to officials allowing the hiring of a ChiCom national who was viewed as a security risk by a contractor.

“I want to credit the brave whistleblowers throughout NASA – and there have been a number – who have contacted me and others in Congress to alerts us to these violations. I know that most NASA employees work tirelessly to try to do the right thing and protect U.S. technology because they know how important it is to our country and the agency,” Wolf said in a press conference calling attention to the situation.

Wolf brought personal experience with ChiCom espionage into the picture, saying, “My congressional office’s computers were targeted and attacked by the Chinese in 2006, and I spoke out publicly on the House floor in 2008 about what had happened – over the objections of many federal agencies at the time. But now, years later, we’re finally having the national conversation about Chinese espionage; it’s a national conversation that is long overdue.”

“I have also received information that at least several dozen other Chinese nationals – none of whom have U.S. citizenship and many who do not even have green cards – are currently working at Langley under a similar scheme,” Wolf wrote to FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Wolf’s press conference came in the wake of controversy over a report on cyber-attacks that were allegedly linked to a shadowy unit of the People’s Liberation Army.