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Snowden Makes Claims As More Questions Arise
By Harold Hutchison

Edward Snowden, the self-proclaimed whistle-blower, faces new questions about his background. In interviews with Glenn Greenwald, he claimed to have been injured while training to join the Special Forces. Snowden also revealed that NSA was hacking into foreign network, including those in China.

However, the military blog Blackfive.net reported that according to the Special Warfare Center & School, and that he would have been ineligible to attend through the 18 X-Ray program due to the fact he only had a GED. At the blog, Uncle Jimbo noted that Snowden relating the story was “not really a great way to build credibility.”

So, is Snowden credible? And should we be upset if the NSA is hacking foreign networks, particularly if they are hacking the ChiComs?