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Broad Report Suggests Full Range of Efforts
By Harold Hutchison

The NRA’s School Shield Program released a 225-page report, which included measures for prevention, as well as steps to be prepared for an incident and a means to respond to an incident. The report, presented by former DEA chief Asa Hutchinson, was intended as a response to the 14 December shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

The program recommended many security features, including fences, establishment of a single entry/exit point, even measures on controlling vegetation near buildings. One major vulnerability cited by the report was the fact that many school buildings had only a single set of doors to enter or exit. The report called for the installation of “panic buttons” and ballistic glass capable of stopping gunfire.

The NRA report also focused on the need for preparedness, by establishing a disaster response team including police, teachers, administrators, and health professionals. The section also mentioned the need to develop a plan for action, including developing an Incident Command System that defines roles and responsibilities in the event of an incident.

The NRA’s “Response” section states, “Whoever first becomes aware of the threat should call 911 and notify the appropriate individuals as established in the school’s emergency action plan as soon as possible.” The use of armed teachers is mentioned, but only covers four pages of the report.

The report is available at: http://www.nraschoolshield.com/NSS_Final_FULL.pdf