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Decorated American Hero, Iraq and Blackhawk Down Veteran CSM Robert Gallagher (CSM of 1st Brigade, Task Force Liberty) Dies at 52

CMS Robert Gallagher became famous for his statement of the his role in "Blackhawk Down" Mogadishu

"The best day and the worst day of my life was when I served in Mogadishu, Somalia, on October 3, 1993, as a part of Task Force Ranger.
It was the worst day, because we lost 18 Soldiers and 84 others, including myself, were wounded.

His heart gave out at the age of 52.

Here is an interview from Soldier Story, DOD Staff Writer in 2010

An Interview with AW2′s new Sergeant Major: SGM Robert Gallagher


Invoked Executive Privilege to Withhold 20 E-mails Involving Fast and Furious
By SOF Editor

Barack Obama withheld at least 20 e-mails by outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder related to Operation Fast and Furious from Congress. The revelation came from the watchdog group Judicial Watch, which released the information today.

MAXPEDITION Morale Patches Video

Personalize your gear with our unique and durable designs including flags, emblems, medical symbols, humorous cartoons and so much more.

Here is the Maxpedition.TV episode:

Former Marine Montel Williams to President Obama: Call Mexico President to Free Marine in the Slammer

Remember Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who left active duty in 2012. who claimed that he was snatched by Mexican authorities 31 March this year at San Ysidro border? He had guns and ammo in his truck, and claimed to have not realized that he had crossed the Mexican border.

We have updated our readers as he has been spending nearly three months in a Mexican prison. Many outraged Americans called for his release and return.


SAF Sues Over CCW
By SOF Editor

The Second Amendment Foundation is suing the state of Illinois again – this time targeting a provision in the law that was passed in 2013 after the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the complete ban on concealed carry in that state. SAF is filing the suit along with ten individuals, as well as the Illinois State Rifle Association and Illinois Carry, Inc.


Scandinavian Country Retired ASW Choppers in 2008

The hunt for the mystery submarines first sighted last Friday off the coast of Sweden may have been crippled by the decision to retire the country’s force of ASW choppers. That decision, which was carried out in 2008, has now come back to bite the Swedes.


Among 2,200 Illegals Set Loose On Streets
By SOF Editor

When the Obama Administration released over 2,000 illegals, citing the budget cuts from “sequestration,” it was claimed that those being released were “low-level” offenders. However, documents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement now call those claims into question.


The Large Utility Pouch is a lightweight general purpose pouch that boasts massive storage capacity - holding up to 9 M4 magazines.  Elastic loops sewn on the back panel along with a mesh divider keeps gear organized and in place.  Two paracord loops are sewn into the top corners for dummy cording critical gear.  Pattern matched dust resistant zippers protect the contents.

How Do Submarines Stay Undetected? Sweden Threatens to "Use Armed Force" to Stop the Mystery Submarine's Activities

Submarines are on the news radar as Sweden's navy searches for a Russian Submarine in its Waters. The Swedish navy is threatening to use "armed force" to force the submarine to stop whatever it is doing from its position.

“ If we find the submarine the captain of the ship has the possibility to use weapons to get it to stop whatever it is doing.

“We hate the fact that we have something in our waters – or we believe something is in our waters,” Rear Admiral Anders Grenstad, deputy chief of joint operations, told BBC News today:

The Wild Card: Is it really a Russian Submarine?


Three Girls Caught Trying to Join ISIS
By SOF Editor

Three American teenagers were arrested in Germany while trying to make their way to Syria to join the Islamic State.  Two of the girls were of Somali descent, the third was of Sudanese descent.

According to a report by CBN News, the three girls, ages 15, 16, and 17, have been returned to their families and the FBI is investigating to see if they had help from Islamists to make their trip. CNN reported that the girls stole $2,000 in cash to make their trip.


A Look at Canada’s Gun Laws
By SOF Editor

Canadian soldiers have been targeted by gunmen this week. How did these terror suspects get their guns? Facts are still emerging, but let's take a look at Canada's restrictive gun laws that are almost a dream for gun-grabbers like Michael Bloomberg – with many provisions proving to be tougher than laws passed in California, Massachusetts, and New York.

An AR-15-style rifle - a "restricted firearm" under Canadian law.


One Soldier Killed, Shots Fired

A Canadian soldier at the country’s National War Memorial was shot and killed, and shots have been fired inside the Canadian parliament building in the capital city, Ottawa. The shooting is being considered a terrorist attack.

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Meet Australia's "Mercenary Mum", Private Security Guard in Iraq

Meet Australia's "Mercenary Mum", Private Security Guard in Iraq

Thanks to SOF FB Fan for giving us the heads up on this.