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BREAKING NEWS: SAF sues in Maryland over 'discretionary' CCW

BREAKING: SAF sues in Maryland over discretionary carry

The Bellevue, WA-based Second Amendment Foundation is at it again, this time filing a federal lawsuit on behalf of a Maryland man whose gun permit renewal was refused because he could not demonstrate “a reasonable precaution against apprehended danger.”

Thanks to a 25-year-old state statute here in Washington, and a concealed carry law that dates back to 1935, this would not happen in the Evergreen State. More about that in a moment.

What took 'em so long?

What took CeaseFire so long to exploit L. Sammamish shooting?

Why should Fascitelli presume he can dictate how other law-abiding Washington citizens peacefully go about their business? Why does he imagine that more stringent laws, that only impair the rights of law-abiding citizens, will stop criminal behavior?



In the second part of a series on America’s borders, retired Border Patrol Chief J.William Carter outlines how America’s northern border is probably more vulnerable than the border with Mexico.


Some argue that the immigration system is “broken” and needs to be reformed. Former Border Patrol Chief William Carter responds, outlining just how the federal government has failed to enforce the laws it passed in the first place.

The suspects have long criminal records

'The Suspects have long criminal records'

It is because of people like Pena and Williams, Mathews and Wilbanks, and Tacoma’s Olujimi Blankney that anti-gun politicians in state legislatures and in Congress have built careers going after the gun rights of honest citizens, claiming that their schemes would make it harder for such thugs to get guns. It's nonsense, of course, and all of these people are living proof.

Afghanistan? The 'war' is right here, right now

... Garcia Meraz did not have a fishing license, so McGary started escorting the teen back to his car. Apparently he heard something “clinking” in the suspect’s pocket, ordered him to stop and in a flash, Garcia Meraz came up with a .45-caliber handgun. Despite this state’s statute that allows unlicensed concealed carry of a handgun while engaged in legitimate outdoor activities, including fishing, nobody is likely to lose money betting that this kid was not legally-armed.

Seattle case raises issue about felons and guns

Seattle case raises issue about felons and guns

According to the story, Harris had a 9mm Glock that he claimed to have bought from a “crack fiend” for $300, which — you are sitting down, right? — included a $50 debt owed to Harris by the doper for “previous narcotic transactions.” Welcome to “Crime 101.”


Article by Dave Workman

Help VFF Keep Radio Ad on the Air

This morning, VFF released a radio ad in support of Captain Kevin Calvey, Iraq war veteran and congressional candidate for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District. Visit our site to listen to the ad that is running today on the largest conservative talk radio station in Oklahoma City (KTOK).

This ad is critical to Captain Calvey's victory, as he's in a VERY tight race with a local politican.