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UN: Pakistan Floods Displace 1 Million More People

The United Nations says new floods in southern Pakistan have displaced about 1 million people since Wednesday, worsening the impact of a month-long flooding disaster.

U.N. officials Friday said the newly displaced flood victims were forced to leave their homes in Sindh province as the swollen Indus River burst its banks.

Good guys and bad guys defined

The difference between good guys and bad guys

"...Contrast that with the scenario played out on Aug. 15 down in SeaTac, where dozens of open carry activists gathered at an apartment complex for an annual barbecue. There were lots of people, both male and female, legally packing firearms, having a good time, and nobody suffered so much as a scratch. These are the good guys."


Stress Fire

Video by Camp Atterbury Public Affairs

Press Freedom Group Calls for Investigation of Journalist Killings in Honduras

An international press freedom group has called on the government of Honduras to fully investigate the murders of journalists, following the murder of a Honduran radio reporter Tuesday.

EPA Considering Ban on Traditional Ammunition -- ACT NOW!

All Gun Owners, Hunters and Shooters:

Iran Tests New Missile

Iran says it has launched a new domestically built surface-to-surface missile, in another demonstration of the country's military technology.

Politicians and guns

Imagine a political advertisement by a woman running for Congress, who appears on camera shooting a variety of firearms, including a Thompson submachine gun...

...Can anybody think what a spectacle it would be to see Patty Murray trudging across a mud flat out on the Columbia Basin or up at Skagit Flats with a shotgun in one hand and a dead honker in the other?

Is Portland mayor drinking same Kook-Aid as Seattle's?

Is Portland mayor drinking same Kool-Aid as Seattle's?

"...the mayor says his measure would “create a new crime.” This is the earmark of gun control laws. They “create crimes” in order to control firearm access by private citizens. It’s simple really, as simple as the stroke of a pen. Set a standard and anyone who does not meet that standard is suddenly a criminal."


The problem with kids and guns is...parents?

When there is a problem with kids and guns, where are the parents?

Thursday in Juvenile Court, according to the newspapers and KIRO radio, which has been repeating the story all morning Friday, the mother of all three suspects tried to keep her youngster out of detention, and accused the court of “railroading” her kids.

That just doesn't pass the smell test....