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Zimbabwe Party Leaders, Security Chiefs Sued by Former Detainees

Human-rights activist Jestina Mukoko and 17 others are suing some of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's closest colleagues for $22 million, claiming they were kidnapped, tortured and illegally detained in 2008.

Knife Rights NYC Update

Will DA Vance Arrest Stephen Colbert for Switchblade Possession?

NRA, NSSF stop threat to shooting, hunting ammo

Bravo, NRA & NSSF: EPA threat to sportsmen shut down

The NRA did the right thing. It reminded the EPA that the law — you know, that's the thing environmentalists draw like a gun when they want to force people to do something — does not allow what those same environmentalists were trying to do. The NRA didn't make anybody "surrender." The NRA merely insisted that the statute be followed.

Afghan Army soldiers practice vehicle check point skills

Video by Regional Command Southwest

Analysts See Burma Military 'Juggernaut' Heading to Elections in November

Analysts say Burma's recent military reorganization and political moves are aimed at ensuring the country's armed forces retain power after November 7 elections. Analysts say Burma's military is fashioning its power base along similar lines to Indonesia under former President Suharto in the 1960s.

After 5 years, and still no accountability for Katrina gun grab

Five years later, no accountability for post-Katrina gun grab

Five years ago this weekend, Hurricane Katrina slammed into southern Louisiana and Mississippi, devastating the City of New Orleans, killing hundreds of people and setting the stage for an outrage that still angers American gun rights advocates...

... Into this mess stepped the Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association – and nobody else – to put a stop to the seizures,

Afghanistan Operations

Video by International Security Assistance Force HQ Public Affairs

South African Miners to Join Strike Next Week

South African miners say they will join public service workers on strike for one day next week in a show of solidarity if the government refuses to increase pay.

Kenya Defends Bashir Invitation

Kenya's foreign minister is defending his government's decision to invite Sudan's president, Omar al-Bashir, to its constitution signing ceremony - even though the Sudanese leader is under an international arrest warrant for genocide and war crimes.