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When an armed citizen intervenes

The unidentified citizen (he asked not to be identified, as is common in such cases) drew his legally-carried handgun at the moment when Davis allegedly cocked his gun and aimed it at the head of the woman he had just robbed. The suspect fled, but cops found him a short time later, having shed one layer of clothing to expose a second layer – evidently this guy thought his crime through far enough to try changing his appearance – the cash and the gun was recovered.

USS Peleiu Helo Ops

video by U.S. Naval Forces, 5th Fleet Public Affairs

Maryland group gives SAF $10K for court battles

Maryland group gives SAF $10K for legal battles

(Note: The YouTube video is worth watching.)

Since SAF’s Supreme Court victory in McDonald v. City of Chicago on June 28, the foundation has filed three new legal actions, in Maryland, New York and North Carolina. It is fair to say these lawsuits will help define what “reasonable firearms regulation” might include, and what existing laws may not fit within that definition.

National park manhunt for killers (Guns in parks ?!?! Gasp!)

National Park manhunt for killers; Seattle asks more time in gun ban appeal

Ideally, one would never need a firearm on a camping trip, but when things go very bad and you do need a gun, you need that gun rather badly.


Article by Dave Workman



Blogger Pamela Geller, who runs the blog Atlas Shrugged, has filed suit against New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority over its refusal to run ads against the building of a mosque at Ground Zero.

Geller's ad was revised four times prior to the suit being filed.

For the full story on the suit, go to Atlas Shrugged.

Justices, judges and 'judicial activism'

Thursday’s confirmation of Elena Kagan as the 112th justice to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court was one more signal that the court system, because of the people elected or appointed to the bench, is in serious trouble if not completely off the tracks, if one listens to the critics.


'Go to the mat against Kagan'

In the firearms community, there is great concern about Kagan’s philosophy toward the Second Amendment. Calling it a matter of “settled law” was an evasive political maneuver for Kagan during the Senate Judiciary hearings. That’s essentially the same thing Sonia Sotomayor said about the right to keep and bear arms, and one need only look at her support for the dissent in McDonald v. City of Chicago to understand the court, the Constitution and the country doesn’t need another justice like that.

Royal Australian Army and U.S. Marines Rehearse Beach Landing

Video by Defense Imagery Management Operations Center

Lead ammo ban sought from EPA threatens gun owners, game agencies, say critics

“There is simply no scientific evidence that the use of traditional ammunition is having an adverse impact on wildlife populations that would require restricting or banning the use of traditional ammunition beyond current limitations, such as the scientifically based restriction on waterfowl hunting,” said NSSF President Steve Sanetti.