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North American Police Sniper Summit

We are pleased to announce that North American Police Sniper Summit
Seminar being conducted on Sunday Oct 3rd is being offered at no
cost to the law enforcement sniper community. Troy Industries has
sponsored this portion of the event.

Justice...or 'something else?'


"We all claim to seek it in one form or another, but in the actual practice of enforcing the law, justice all-too-frequently takes a distant back seat to something else, and this column has never quite been able to define what that “something else” is..."


Article by Dave Workman

Police shootings raise questions, public outcry

"Is the public outcry following fatal shootings by police in Seattle and Spokane Valley justified?

"Because some disturbing questions have arisen in a couple of those cases, the answer is yes, and this column doesn’t take that position lightly...."


Article by Dave Workman

1st Armored Division Displays Tanks

Video by SPC Benjamin Wise, 196th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

Mayors and guns to Mexico: The Evergreen Connection

"According to a new report from the anti-gun Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), from 2006 through 2008, Washington State was the source of 241 firearms recovered by Mexican authorities in relation to the bloody drug wars ripping that country...

"...Wilbur left KVI last fall, but he has been on this week substituting for the afternoon host at rival KTTH (770 on the AM dial) and we believe there is something he ought to know. A self-confessed resident of Duvall in east King County, his mayor is an MAIG member, according to the group’s website.

HMLA-369 Contributes to Counter Insurgecny Strategy

Video by 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (Fwd) Public Affairs

Russia: Missile Tests to Resume Within Weeks

Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov says tests are set to resume this month on a submarine-launched ballistic missile that has failed repeatedly in earlier trials.

Is this what the Washington Post calls 'sensible' gun regulation?

“Sensible and much needed gun regulations,” eh? Perhaps the Post means regulations like the one now stripping a decorated Iraq combat veteran of his Second Amendment rights...


Article by Dave Workman

Rescue of 7 People from Sunken Boat 25nm Off Charleston

Video by U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area