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Russia: Missile Tests to Resume Within Weeks

Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov says tests are set to resume this month on a submarine-launched ballistic missile that has failed repeatedly in earlier trials.

Is this what the Washington Post calls 'sensible' gun regulation?

“Sensible and much needed gun regulations,” eh? Perhaps the Post means regulations like the one now stripping a decorated Iraq combat veteran of his Second Amendment rights...


Article by Dave Workman

Rescue of 7 People from Sunken Boat 25nm Off Charleston

Video by U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area

A Candid Talk with Allen West

A Candid Talk with Allen West
by James Simpson
DC Independent Examiner

Freelance writing doesn’t pay much, but a compensating benefit is the opportunity one finds to meet and speak with really interesting people. Congressional candidate Lt. Col. Allen West (USA, Ret.) is one such person, and I interviewed him for this article recently.

Federal case against Seattle gun ban dropped; SAF-NRA lawsuit still alive

Federal case against Seattle gun ban dropped; SAF-NRA lawsuit still alive

"...The SAF-NRA case won in King County Superior Court before Judge Catherine Shaffer earlier this year. She ruled that the city’s park ban violated Washington State’s model preemption act that dates back to 1983..."


Article by Dave Workman

Mongolian Forces Training Afghan National Army on Weapon Systems

Video by 196th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

The Bay of Pigs-An Anniversary of Heroism and Shame

"Freedom is our goal!" roared commander Pepe San Roman to the men assembled before him 49 years ago this week. "Cuba is our cause! God is on our side! On to victory!"

Shooting yourself in the butt...

Shooting yourself in physical butt, or political foot

"..So, what kind of person moves a handgun from a perfectly good holster to a hip pocket? The kind who shoots himself in the butt, that’s who."


Article by Dave Workman

16th Combat Aviation Brigade Arrives in Southern Pakistan

Video by U.S. Air Forces Central Public Affairs