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The “DREAM Act” Amnesty for Five Million Illegal Aliens

When Congress convenes for its lame duck session on November 29, it will be asked by Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid to vote on an amnesty bill deceptively called “the Dream Act” by its open borders supporters. If passed, it will be a nightmare for the rule of law and a death knell for genuine immigration reform.

South Korea to Retaliate If Bombed Again

A top South Korean presidential security advisor - who could be the country's next defense minister - says Seoul is prepared to bomb North Korea if Pyongyang again hits the South with artillery.

Kim Kwan-jin, the presidential security advisor hoping to be the next defense minister, is talking tough.

Speaking at his confirmation hearing in the national assembly Friday, he firmly stated that if attacked again, South Korea will not hesitate to protect itself.

Hunt for Assange Heats Up, World Leaders' Fury Mounts

An international manhunt is on forWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is reported to be in Britain, as fury mounts among world leaders from Russia to Australia about secret information leaked on the website.

British media are reporting Thursday that authorities know Assange is hiding in southeast Britain. The 39-year-old Australian is said to have provided a telephone number and address when he arrived in the country in October.

Referendum Source of Tension in Sudan's Abeyi Region

South Sudan is preparing to hold a referendum on January 9 that could see the region split from Sudan's Arab-dominated government in Khartoum. On the same day, a similar referendum is supposed to take place in the Sudanese region of Abyei, but who gets to vote in that referendum is in dispute.

Dozens of trucks and buses have begun arriving in Abyei town, arranged by local authorities to bring back tens of thousands of people who were driven out by Sudan's two decade-long war.

UN Cannot Confirm Iran's Nuclear Activities are Peaceful

The head of the United Nations' nuclear agency says he cannot confirm that Iran's atomic activities are peaceful.

Yukiya Amano says Tehran has not been providing the cooperation needed for International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors to clear up questions about its nuclear activities. He commented at the start of an IAEA board meeting Thursday in Austria.

New Jersey Outrage

"What has happened to Brian Aitken underscores why gun owners all over the country, including here in Washington State, are so bitterly opposed to the kinds of gun control initiatives we repeatedly see offered by the gun control lobby as “reasonable.” Their so-called "common sense" gun control initiatives are invariably carefully crafted legal minefields designed to strip as many citizens as possible of their firearms rights.

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The firefight between Marines and insurgents that took place in Haditha, Iraq, on 19 November, 2005, became very controversial. Marines won a firefight on the ground, but soon found themselves caught up in a public relations nightmare due to false accusations from those who did not support the troops or their mission.
By Harold Hutchison


New Yorker Gives Thanks to Knife Rights Foundation

On this Thanksgiving, one New York citizen is giving thanks to Knife Rights Foundation for a holiday without the threat of a year in jail hanging over his head.

The New Yorker, whose name is being withheld to prevent possible harassment, said, "words cannot express my thanks to Knife Rights Foundation for coming to my aid and helping me gain a measure of justice when things looked pretty bleak for me."

S Korean Spy Chief: N Korea Likely to Attack Again

South Korea's spy chief says North Korea is highly likely to attack the South again, following its deadly shelling of a South Korean island last week.

The Yonhap news agency says South Korean National Intelligence Service director Won Sei-hoon made the prediction of another North Korean attack during a parliamentary committee meeting Wednesday.

Yonhap quotes ruling party lawmaker Rhee Beum-kwan as saying Won told the committee that North Korea attacked Yeonpyeong Island on November 23 to distract attention from its internal problems.