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Karen National Union Rejects Burma's Sham Elections

Updates on the Harrison Jack Case

Two major updates in the Harrison Jack case, in which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms launched a highly questionable sting operation against a number of people seeking to aid the Hmong people, who have been the targets of a genocidal campaign by the Communist Laotian government.

First, from a blog covering the Eastern District of California, is an entry discussing the judge throwing out a number of the charges, including the Neutrality Act charges.


On 22 August of 2010 the Vietnamese government launched a large scale of military operations involving thousands of armed soldiers, riot police, security police and local police to participate what they called “tieu quet” which means (wipe out) Degar Christians who do not join the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (ECVN).

During this “Wipe out Operation” they have arrested and tortured many Degar Christians and sent to prison around 24 Degar Christians. But now, 9 of them have been kept in prison and the rest of them have been released. The names of 9 Degar Christian prisoners are as follows:

Fate of New START Treaty Uncertain After US Elections

The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) was signed last April by U.S. President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev. It provides for modest reductions in long-range nuclear weapons on both sides, as well as limits on so-called delivery systems - intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarines and bombers. The treaty also updated verification procedures to make sure that neither side cheats on the provisions of the accord.

Thousands Flee Post-Election Fighting in Burma

Thousands of people in eastern Burma have fled into neighboring Thailand to escape fighting between an ethnic militia and the Burmese military that erupted just one day after the military-ruled country's first elections in 20 years - dismissed by critics as a sham.
At least 3,000 people poured over Burma's eastern border into Mae Sot, Thailand, on Monday, after members of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army and Burma's military clashed in the town of Myawaddy, just across from Mae Sot.

Soldier of Fortune Turns 35

I always thought that if I wrote what went on behind the scenes of Soldier of Fortune magazine, it would, without a doubt, be a best seller. It would provide any adventurer, scam artist, drama queen, scandal addict and mad man the read of their lives, and I could retire in comfort. But, not now. Not yet.

For now, I will just relate what was no doubt the most tempestuous and threatening battle that Soldier of Fortune and its notorious publisher faced for decades and how I was dragged unwittingly into that bizarre world.

Burma's Elections Undemocratic But May Offer Some Change

Critics dismiss Burma's first elections in two decades as a sham designed to keep a repressive military government in power. But some political analysts say, despite its limitations, the elections could allow dissenting voices in the government for the first time in decades. Because foreign journalists are not allowed into Burma to cover the election, our correspondent reports from Mae Sot, Thailand, on the border.

After nearly 50 years in power, Burma's military says the first elections in 20 years are part of a plan to return to civilian democracy.

Military controls everything

After Eight Victories Tuesday, Now The Work Begins

Fellow Veterans & Friends -

Thanks to your help, Vets for Freedom PAC helped elect eight pro-victory veterans to Congress, more than doubling the number of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans serving in the House.

With eight victories among ten races, Vets for Freedom PAC leads the pack among veterans and military political action committees. Our winning candidates:

* Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (FL-22), Iraq, Afghanistan & Gulf wars

* Lieutenant Colonel Steve Stivers (OH-15), Iraq war

* Captain Adam Kinzinger (IL-11), Iraq & Afghanistan wars

Lao Government Plans War With United Hmong ChaoFa Indigenous

The following is a statement issued by the Congress of World Hmong People urging the international community to condemn Lao PDR to:

- Stop its acts of ethnic cleansing and racial genocides

- Request the Office of United Nations' High Commissioner for Human Rights, CERD, CRC, the United States, the European Parliaments, and The Office of Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, act and be fully alert about the Lao PDR continued violations of the Hmong ChaoFa Indigenous' economic, social, and cultural rights