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Obama Picks Anti-gun ATF Head

Nearly two years into his term, President Obama finally chose a director for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Mr. Obama will submit the name of Andrew Traver, the special agent in charge of the Bureau's Chicago field division, to the Senate, the White House said. However, he will face a confirmation fight---if his nomination is not filibustered, eliminating him from consideration.

Why? He is an anti-gun zealot. This is preposterous!

ATF agent busted for stealing cash

Mugshot of Steven Campbell

Shortly after a drug raid, Steven Campbell decided to supplement his income. According to a report by AOL News, his response when confronted by other agents who saw him stuffing cash into his pockets was to tell them to get a warrant. After he was arrested, and sat down, cash fell out of his pockets.

Zimbabwe’s President Threatens to Nationalize US, British Companies

Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe, says that unless Western economic sanctions against Zimbabwe are lifted, he will nationalize all U.S. and British companies in the country.

President Mugabe made the comments Friday at a conference of his ruling ZANU-PF party.

Under empowerment laws, black Zimbabweans are slated to acquire 51 percent of businesses with assets of $500,000 or more. But Mr. Mugabe warned that could be changed to 100 percent if sanctions persist.

N. Korea Says Live-Fire Drill Will Prompt Another Attack

North Korea has issued a fresh threat to retaliate if South Korea goes ahead with its latest planned artillery exercise in the Yellow Sea.

Pyongyang's official news agency quotes the military as saying "second and third self-defensive blows that cannot be predicted will be dealt" if South Korea holds a live-fire drill on Yeonpyeong island.

South Korea says that between Saturday and Tuesday, depending on weather and other conditions, it will hold an artillery drill on the island.

Ivory Coast Protests Turn Deadly

Street protests in Ivory Coast against incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo have turned violent with at least four dead. Witnesses said heavy artillery fire has been heard near the base of president-elect Alassane Ouattara, who called for the street demonstrations.

The situation erupted Thursday in Abidjan as demonstrators prepared to march with the government of internationally-endorsed presidential election winner Ouattara to the state television headquarters to install a new station director.

South Korea Plans Live Firing Drill from Attacked Island

In a move likely to further escalate tension on the Korean peninsula, Seoul's military says it will resume live-firing artillery drills from an island North Korea attacked last month.

South Korea's military Thursday said artillery training will resume from Yeonpyeong island, possibly as soon as Saturday.

Spokesman Colonel Lee Boong-wu calls the exercise routine and legitimate. He says it is meant to bolster the defenses of the country's northwestern islands, which sit below the maritime border, the Northern Limit Line.

6 Prominent Kenyans Accused of Crimes Against Humanity

Three Kenyan ministers are among six high-profile figures accused of crimes against humanity by the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. At a press conference in The Hague, ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said he was requesting charges to be brought against six prominent Kenyans who allegedly incited or facilitated ethnic violence following Kenya's 2007 elections. The judges will next decide whether to issue indictments.

South Korea Stages Air Raid Drill

South Korea has staged its largest-ever air raid drill. The 15-minute nationwide exercise took place Wednesday afternoon, amid a period of heightened tensions with North Korea.

An air raid siren sounding near Namsan Mountain in central Seoul, that was the signal, along with a notification aired nationwide by radio stations, for the 48 million people of South Korea to stop whatever they were doing.

Score: Common Sense 1, Zero Tolerance 0

Outcome in Montana should be lesson for educators everywhere

"..Instead of a Zero Tolerance policy putting Demari DeReu on trial, it is the other way around. The controversy in Columbia Falls has properly put Zero Tolerance to the test, and it flunked.