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Voting Continues in South Sudanese Referendum

Southern Sudanese officials say at least 30 people have died in clashes along the border with northern Sudan as the second day concluded in the region’s week-long referendum on independence. Election officials say voter turnout was 20 percent on Sunday, the first day of the week-long poll.

The lines of voters outside polling stations across southern Sudan on Monday were mostly shorter than on opening day.

Nevertheless, thousands of people turned out for the referendum that is to decide whether southern Sudan remains with the north or secedes to become Africa’s newest state.

30,000 Thai Red Shirts Join Anti-Government Rally in Bangkok

Thousands of Thai anti-government activists have marched in Bangkok in one of their biggest shows of strength since a mass protest that triggered a deadly military crackdown last year.

About 30,000 Red Shirts, as the activists are known, gathered around Bangkok's Democracy Monument Sunday and marched to an upscale shopping area in the city center, blocking traffic on a major street.

GOA Petition Successful -- Constitution Read On House Floor

It's never been done before. The U.S. Constitution has NEVER been read on the floor of the Congress.

And to no one's surprise, the voting records of most Congressmen demonstrate they've never read the document for themselves!

So as you know, GOA initiated a campaign early last month to require the incoming Congress to read the Constitution. And our effort paid off yesterday when the House of Representatives read the Constitution on the floor of that chamber. This was quite a historic event.

Bellevue police shooting: What would YOU do?

".. Yesterday morning’s fatal shooting of a knife-wielding man by Bellevue police at a Chevron gas station has this morning’s Seattle Times and on-line Seattle PI.com reader feedback pages jammed with comments reacting to the incident, which may have been captured on the store’s security video...

".. Based on available information, it appears that the police acted properly; that is, in the vernacular, this probably was a “righteous shoot,” which this column prefers to call a “clean shoot.”


More Leftist Violence Exposes Dangers of Gun Free Zones

Left-wing atheist Clay Duke (check out his Facebook page) reminds us once again how desperately we need to get rid of zero tolerance policies and gun free school laws.

Duke was a loser who blamed rich people for having made him poor. His class warfare rhetoric sounds just like President Obama’s.

Today's reading of the Constitution: Who will walk out?

Which members of Washington State’s congressional delegation will be present, absent or get up and leave when the Constitution is recited as the House of Representatives convenes this morning?

This column will study the reactions from Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Seattle), Congressman Jay Inslee – who is likely to run for governor in 2012 – and Tacoma Rep. Norm Dicks, in particular. They’ve never seen a gun control law they didn’t like, so will they stick around for that part of the reading that covers the Second Amendment?

ZANU-PF Military Forces Farmers to Attend Election Rallies

Although Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF party seems to have accepted, in public at least, that elections are not possible before year end, many new black farmers north of the capital were told Tuesday by senior army personnel there would be "war" if ZANU-PF didn't win the next poll.

An officer in the Zimbabwe National army, accompanied by several colleagues, addressed new farmers at what used to be called the Ayshire Country Club.

Economics 101: How rising gas prices hurt hunters, anglers, shooters

"... Hunters and anglers are hit very hard with high gas costs and will likely reduce their travels or skip things altogether because it is simply too expensive for that trek to Chelan or Okanogan or Ferry county for five trout a day, four grouse a day or a chance to maybe see one legal deer to shoot. It is too expensive to fuel the boat...

Greece Plans to Build Controversial Border Wall

The Greek government says it plans to build a fence along part of its border with Turkey to try to stop illegal immigrants from crossing into the country.

Greek authorities say more than 100,000 illegal immigrants arrived in the country last year. Most crossed the Evros River that separates Greece and Turkey, and the European Union from the outside world.

The Greek government says those numbers can no longer be tolerated and has announced plans to construct an eight-mile long fence along the most vulnerable part of the border.