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SOF Daily Update - 15 February, 2011

Joint Patrol in Iraq
Iraqi Security Forces and American troops conducted a joint patrol in the city of Qara Qosh. The purpose of the patrol was to assess the security situation in the Iraqi city.

Islamists Carry out a Purge in Turkey?

Mexico's Gun Supply Myth

ONLY SMALL PERCENTAGE OF U.S. ORIGIN . . . In a new report, the independent research group STRATFOR has corroborated what NSSF has been saying for some time about firearms recovered from drug cartels in Mexico: that it is erroneous and grossly misleading to say, as Mexican officials and the media have done, that 90 percent of the firearms recovered came from the United States. The truth is that less than 12 percent of the guns Mexico seized in 2008 have been verified as coming from the United States. The proof can be found in U.S.

Hard-line Iranian Lawmakers Call for Executions

Hard-line lawmakers in the Iranian parliament are calling for the execution of leaders of the opposition movement. Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, whose supporters rose up in protests after the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Business before democracy

The United Nations and organisations working along the Thai-Burma border providing relief for refugees from Burma’s grinding civil conflict have been ordered not to support forces fighting for democracy.

Given the choice, Swiss vote to keep their guns

Neutral Switzerland is among the best-armed nations in the world, with more guns per capita than almost any other country except the United States, Finland and Yemen.

At least 2.3 million weapons lie stashed in basements, cupboards and lofts in this country of less than 8 million people, according to the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey.

On Sunday, Swiss voters made sure it stays that way, rejecting a proposal to tighten the peaceful Alpine nation's relaxed firearms laws.

News from America's Survival

I returned from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and am pleased to report that former leftist David Horowitz delivered a dynamite talk. From the podium, in front of thousands and to strong applause, he called on the organizers of CPAC to clean the ranks of collaborators with radical Islam. This is something that had to be said. Horowitz has true courage. I am proud to call him a friend and ally.

Act Immediately to Block ATF Long Gun Sales Reporting!

If you’re one of the nearly 71 million Americans who live in the four southwest border states, some of your gun purchases could soon be reported to the federal government. And whether you live in one of those states or elsewhere, your help is needed now to stop the federal government’s plan to register Americans’ gun purchases.

Mubarak Resigns

It was 18 days of sometimes violent demonstrations that forced the man who ruled Egypt for nearly 30 years to step down. Friday was the day the demonstrators had been awaiting. The announcement of Mr. Mubarak’s resignation drew an immediate roar of cheers and honking automobile horns throughout Cairo that went on for hours.

The announcement came from Vice President Omar Suleiman on state television.

He said Mr. Mubarak was stepping down and had asked the military to take control of the country. He ended his statement with the words “May God help everyone.”

Thailand, Cambodia Border Fight Moves to UN

Thailand and Cambodia plan to present their positions next week to the United Nations Security Council over recent fighting on their border.

A ceasefire held Friday along the Cambodian-Thai border, though the armies of both governments remain on alert.

Latest fight

A week ago, fighting erupted near a 900-year-old Hindu Khmer temple on the border. Several died before fighting halted Tuesday, and thousands on both sides were forced to flee their homes.