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Phony Integrity?

I am passing these two lengthy pieces along, without editorial in them, for the singular purpose of pointing out what I believe to be a concerted effort to mislead the public in a large concerted effort. Essentially I believe what we have is an organized propaganda machine effort; I will explain in a moment. Both pieces are a product of "The Center For Public Integrity" whose byline is "Investigative Journalism in the Public Interest." I have no doubt both pieces will be referenced in more mainstream media in short order, perhaps even as quickly as this coming Sunday.

Zimbabwean Police Vow to Crush Any Egyptian-Style Uprising in Harare

A senior official of the Zimbabwe Republic Police has threatened to crush any Egyptian-style protests by the Movement for Democratic Change formation led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, further stressing the power-sharing government.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Clement Munoriyarwa, in charge of the province of Harare, told the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation that Egyptian-style mass protests would not be tolerated.

Columnist explains anti-gunners' mindsets.

Anti-gunners are continuing their efforts to pass various gun-control laws. As J.R. Labbe wrote with regards to the latest efforts by Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) and Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) to ban certain magazines, “This latest manifestation of the ‘do-something syndrome’ surprises nary one gun-rights supporter and explains why sales of high-capacity mags have jumped in recent weeks.”

MARCH 2011 Table of Contents

When 120 Taliban insurgents attacked Combat Outpost Margah, troops from Task Force Currahee took lightening speed action. It would be a bloody firefight with Taliban coming within 20 feet of the Army troops.
By Spc. Luther L. Boothe Jr., Task Force Currahee Public Affairs


Thailand, Cambodia Border Fighting Breaks Out Amid Tensions

Thai and Cambodian soldiers have exchanged gunfire along their shared border and there are reports of fewer than 10 casualties among the two armies.

Thai and Cambodian troops exchanged fire Friday afternoon with both sides blaming the other for starting the fighting.

Gunfire and artillery shelling could be heard and civilians were evacuated from the area.

CMF-Tasked Australian Patrol Aircraft Disrupts Pirates in Arabian Sea

An Australian AP-3C Orion aircraft assisted a merchant vessel under attack by pirates in the Arabian Sea, Jan. 28.

The Orion was conducting a routine surveillance patrol for the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) when it was re-tasked to investigate a pirate attack taking place on the MV New York Star.

Tunisia Islamist Leader Does Not Support an Islamic State

Islamist leader Rachid Ghanouchi has been in Tunisia's spotlight since returning to the North African country after more than two decades in exile.
In the past, Tunisian authorities have cracked down hard on political Islam. Many are wondering what role it will play as Tunisia tries to build a multiparty democracy.
Ghanouchi is quick to stress his brand of religious politics is open, moderate and tolerant. It is something he has stressed repeatedly, including in an interview with VOA.

Lott Reveals Daley Strong-Arm Tactics

Chicago mayor Richard Daley seems to have a little regard for the First Amendment as he does for the Second Amendment. In a commentary for FoxNews.com, John Lott, the author of More Guns, describes how Daley not only ejected him from a conference, but eventually forced the University of Chicago to request his resignation.

Author Calls for National Firearm Carry

Recent events have made it painfully obvious that murderous trouble can
erupt at any time and in any place. It is a clear and present danger.

We can no longer afford to pretend such dangers do not exist.

It is irresponsible to continue to imagine that police can be everywhere,
or that they can respond with sufficient speed to prevent a homicidal

Police are second responders. The first responders are always we, the
people, on the scene as events unfold.

The time has come to insist upon robust restoration of our right to defend