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Saturday Olympia rally has something to celebrate

Gun rights rally Saturday in Olympia with something to celebrate

Gun rights activists will rally tomorrow in Olympia, showing solidarity with gun owners in Connecticut now battling that state’s restrictive new gun laws, while the Evergreen State has something to celebrate with the new short-barreled rifle law, signed quietly by Gov. Jay Inslee on Wednesday, according to State Rep. Matt Shea’s Facebook page.


Article by Dave Workman


Exercising your Second Amendment rights doesn't have to be a budget-buster! Hi-Point has .45 ACP firepower available for less than $250.00!

Barrel length: 4.5"
Overall length: 7.75"
Weight: 35 oz.
Frame: High-impact polymer
Finish: Black powder coat with polished sides
Capacity: 9-shot magazine
Sights: 3-dots, fully-adjustable rear sight

Under Attack: Religious Freedom of Christians in the US Military

In the video below, members of our Armed Forces speak out about the culture of fear and intimidation in the US military that is forcing Christian soldiers to hide their faith.

The attacks on Christianity in the military have caused the Bible to be banned from military hospitals, chaplains to be deemed non-essential, prayer to be banned from military funerals and soldiers to be dismissed for voicing their Christian beliefs about homosexual marriage. For a more exhaustive list of attacks on Christian religious freedoms click bit.ly/17P69Eq (prepared by frc.org)

Time to Repeal Gun-Free Zones!

It really doesn’t matter, when somebody shows up at a place, why they’re trying to kill people,” Erich Pratt, the group’s director of communications, told MSNBC. “The important thing is that people be able to protect themselves.”


Rock River LAR-15

Rock River Arms, Inc., an industry leader well-known for producing a full line of high-quality AR15-style rifles, components, parts, and accessories announces one of its respected dealers was awarded a three year contract with the BuyBoard Local Government Purchasing Cooperative in Texas.

Coastal Patrol Command

Junior commanding officers and their crews continue the legacies of World War II motor torpedo boats (PT) aboard U.S. Navy coastal patrol ships (PC) and U.S. Coast Guard patrol boats (WPB) in the 5th Fleet area of responsibility.


Of yesterday's shooting victims, all were military, and none were armed and able to defend themselves, nor each other, from a gun-wielding, murdering lunatic who apparently didn't get the memo about the Base being a "Gun-Free Zone!"

As soon as the suspect was confronted by military police, he committed suicide, typical MO for active murderers.

Fort Hood: Another gun-free zone shooting

Fort Hood: Another gun-free zone shooting

Some important facts have emerged in the hours following Wednesday’s Fort Hood shooting, including one that is likely to be discussed with greater emphasis in the days ahead, and it got some attention from KVIs John Carlson during the morning drive time: Fort Hood – a military base – is essentially a “gun-free” zone.


Article by Dave Workman


Lt. Gen. Mark Milley

Four Killed, Fourteen Wounded
By Harold Hutchison

Fort Hood was hit by the second mass shooting in five years yesterday, leaving four people dead and 16 wounded. As many as six of the wounded were in critical condition according to some reports.