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The Argument

"Hypocrisy cannot be forgiven, because 'repentance' for a hypocrite, is itself hypocrisy."


I have scant tolerance for lickspittles and ethical cowards, uniformed or not!

It seems our current senior military "leadership" has become so enamored of their positions, that they have forgotten their oath to defend our Constitution, not just to make sure their leftist commissars are protected from the embarrassment that always attaches when they are challenged by reality!

BREAKING: Second Amendment champion Otis McDonald passes

Otis McDonald, champion of Supreme Court victory, passes

Otis McDonald, the man whose name will be forever synonymous with Second Amendment activism for his victory over Chicago’s handgun ban, died today, according to his nephew, Dr. Frederick Jones, who spoke with this column. He was 79.


Article by Dave Workman


One Killed, One Wounded by Shooter in Afghan Uniform
By Harold Hutchison

Two journalists were shot, one fatally, during an “insider attack” in Khost province. The attack was similar to those that have normally targeted American and NATO troops.

According to media reports, AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus, who had won the Pulitzer Prize, was killed in the attack, which was carried out by a district police officer. The shooter reportedly shouted “Allah ackbar” before firing an AK-47 rifle at Niedringhaus and Kathy Gannon, a reporter with the Associated Press.

Giffords gets heat from Gottlieb

Giffords takes heat for forgiving gunman, while punishing honest gun owners

Former California Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was “way off target” Wednesday when she told an audience in Oakland, Calif., that she forgives the gunman who shot her and killed six others, the head of a Bellevue-based gun rights group said today, because she has been campaigning to erode the rights of gun owners who have harmed nobody.


Article by Dave Workman

A Tainted Award for Greenwald’s Anti-NSA Stories

By Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

The University of Georgia has been badly embarrassed over a controversial award given by its Grady College of Journalism to Glenn Greenwald, the main mouthpiece for National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Edward Snowden. Documents provided by the journalism school to Accuracy in Media about the nature of the selection process contain numerous misstatements of fact, and omissions about the nature of Greenwald’s work and the damage done by Snowden’s disclosures.


Lt. Gen. Mark Milley

Gun-Grabbers Seek To Use Dead Soldiers to Back Their Agenda
By Harold Hutchison

In the wake of the tragic mass shooting at Fort Hood that left four dead, including the shooter, gun-grabbers are already seeking to push new gun-control measures, using the incident to revive an agenda that stalled at the federal level last year.

According to media reports, anti-Second Amendment politicians like Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) are trying to revive last year’s push for so-called “universal background checks.” The legislation failed in 2013 after failing to overcome a filibuster.

Saturday Olympia rally has something to celebrate

Gun rights rally Saturday in Olympia with something to celebrate

Gun rights activists will rally tomorrow in Olympia, showing solidarity with gun owners in Connecticut now battling that state’s restrictive new gun laws, while the Evergreen State has something to celebrate with the new short-barreled rifle law, signed quietly by Gov. Jay Inslee on Wednesday, according to State Rep. Matt Shea’s Facebook page.


Article by Dave Workman


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