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Army preparing to produce JLTVs, recapped Humvees

After refining requirements during a two-year technology development phase for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, Army developers are poised to conduct full and open competitions geared towards recapping Humvees and producing JLTVs, as part of a synergized Light Tactical Vehicles strategy.

The Army-led program is planning to accelerate the developmental timeline of the next phase of the JLTV program, said Col. David Bassett, project manager, tactical vehicles.

MPs improve light-infantry warfighting skills

In the hot, humid afternoon hours of Sept. 1, with the sun beaming through the sky, Humvees with mounted M240B machine guns and M249 squad automatic weapons were positioned to fire rounds on Range 7 in the Central Training Area.

The Marines of Military Police Company, Headquarters Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, III Marine Expeditionary Force, were on Range 7 for live-fire training with weapons systems valuable to the Marine Corps’ light-infantry fighting methods.

DOD reaffirms commitment to POWs, MIAs

No one has matched the United States' time, resources and commitment to accounting for its missing military members and honoring its prisoners of war, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said Sept. 16.

During a Pentagon ceremony to honor National Prisoners of War and Missing in Action Recognition Day, the defense secretary talked about the nation's commitment to accounting for its missing patriots and honoring prisoners of war.

USS Thach Completes Southern Seas 2011

Guided-missile frigate USS Thach (FFG 43) returned to her homeport of San Diego, Calif., Sept. 16, after six months in Central and South America for the Southern Seas 2011 deployment.

Thach Sailors participated in three major multinational exercises, made port visits to seven countries and worked first-hand with international sailors and communities throughout the deployment.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM EOD teach others what it is Marines do best

A select few Marines were invited to Himeko-Jima, also known as Target Island, by Explosives Ordnance Disposal technicians Sept. 7 to see what the EOD field does on a regular basis.

The Marines selected were chosen due to their performance and leadership abilities.

EOD showed Marines how bombs are built, deployed and the explosions they produce.

SOF Daily Update - 16 September, 2011

A number of leading figured urged President Obama to re-consider the Iraq drawdown.

Foreign Policy Experts Urge President Obama to Reconsider Troop Drawdown in Iraq

Forty-one foreign policy experts and former U.S. government officials signed an open letter today urging President Obama to ensure that a significant U.S. military presence remains in Iraq after 2011 to assist the Iraqi government.

Medal of Honor Ceremony

Video by Headquarters Marine Corps

Death Toll in Pakistan Suicide Attack Rises to 45

The death toll from a suicide attack on a funeral in northwest Pakistan has risen to 45.

Thursday's bombing targeted members of an anti-Taliban militia as they gathered for funeral prayers in the Lower Dir tribal area. Some 70 people were hospitalized with injuries.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but the Pakistani Taliban has stepped up attacks on pro-government tribes.

On Tuesday, gunmen opened fire on a school bus on the outskirts of the city of Peshawar, killing four children and the driver.