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Exercise integrates manned, unmanned aircraft

The systems on display at the Manned-Unmanned Systems Integration Capabilities, or MUSIC, exercise, which concluded last week at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, are expected to make their way to Afghanistan within the next two years.

The MUSIC exercise was meant to demonstrate interoperability and system integration among multiple Army aviation assets, including both manned aircraft such as the AH-64D Apache helicopter and the OH-58D/F Kiowa Warrior helicopter, and unmanned air vehicles like the Gray Eagle, Hunter, Shadow, and others.

Training helps ‘Gunfighters’ make tough calls

When Staff Sgt. Bart Davis, formerly a crew chief with Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 369 and St. Charles, Mo., native, saw enemy combatants shooting at his UH-1Y Huey helicopter during a critical ammunition resupply mission for ground forces in Helmand province, Afghanistan, he had to make a decision.

Davis, as the crew chief of the Huey section’s lead aircraft, had to decide whether or not to return fire in defense of the two crews rapidly off-loading their cargo to the Marines fighting on the ground.

LaPierre nails it on Fast & Furious; GRPC opens and Seattle Mayor should shut up

LaPierre asks right F&F questions, McGinn makes wrong public safety move

CHICAGO — As the 26th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference unfolds here today — sponsored by the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms — people are talking about Operation Fast and Furious, while back in Seattle, they’re griping about the mayor’s plan to trim the police budget.


Article by Dave Workman

SOF Daily Update - 23 September, 2011

ISAF forces captured a number of insurgents and seized black tar heroin during operations in Afghanistan.

Irony: WA budget axe sharpened as Obama visit looms

Dept. of Irony: Budget axe gets honed as Obama comes to town

Critics of Barack Obama have been joking lately that every time the President speaks the stock market takes a nosedive, so it is with no small amount of irony that headlines in both the Seattle Times and on-line Seattle Post-Intelligencer are talking about $2 billion more in budget cuts looming, just as Obama heads for Seattle Sunday for some fund-raisers.


Article by Dave Workman

F&F panel in Tucson Monday; Newell sends statement to House Committee

AZ congressman, sheriff at F&F panel Monday; Newell submits statement

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar and Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu will reportedly appear Monday evening at a public meeting to discuss Operation Fast and Furious, the botched Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives gun trafficking scheme that has been linked to some 200 slayings in Mexico and the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.


Article by Dave Workman

Coast Guard, Air Force conduct training rescue exercise

Video by U.S. Coast Guard District 5

Pakistan Warns US it Risks Losing an Ally Over Afghan Accusations

Pakistani officials have responded angrily to U.S. accusations that the country's intelligence agency supported attacks by the Pakistan-based Haqqani militant network on U.S. targets inside Afghanistan.

War against terrorism

Speaking in New York Friday, Pakistan’s foreign minister warned that Washington risks losing Pakistan’s partnership in the war against terrorism if U.S. leaders continue to make such accusations. Hina Rabbani Khar spoke to Pakistan’s Geo TV.

Yemen President Returns, Calls for Political Truce

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh returned to Yemen Friday, after nearly a week of sporadic clashes between his opponents and Republican Guard forces, led by his son. Mr. Saleh left the country for treatment in neighboring Saudi Arabia in early June after being injured in an attack on his presidential palace.

Supporters of Saleh honked their car horns and shouted slogans after his arrival in the Yemeni capital around dawn Friday. Hours after returning, he called for a truce and talks to end his country's political crisis.