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ISAF Joint Command morning operational update

In Sayyidabad district, Wardak province, a combined Afghan and coalition security force killed a significant Taliban leader and one of his associates during a security operation Tuesday.

A precision air strike killed Taliban leader, Qari Tahir, after the security force located Tahir and an associate in a dry riverbed in Sayyidabad district.

Tahir coordinated ambush attacks against Afghan forces and led fighters under his control to conduct hijackings of convoy vehicles. Additionally, he facilitated abductions and held his hostages for ransom.

2STB soldiers train ALP to detect IEDs

Soldiers assigned to the Afghan Local Police training detachment with Company D, 1st Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment, attached to 2nd Special Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, conducted an improvised explosive device lane at Joint Combat Outpost Masaw, Sept. 15.

Planning for the lane took place Sept. 12-13 and focused on teaching the ALP about identifying and securing IEDs.

Aircrew flight equipment airmen train Iraqis on life support mission

The goal of any aircrew flight equipment shop is for its flyers to never have to actually think about whether the equipment they're wearing will work in the event it's needed.

The airmen assigned to the 52nd Expeditionary Flying Training Squadron's AFE shop on Combat Operating Base Speicher in Tikrit, Iraq, are also tasked with another responsibility - to train Iraqi service members to take care of their pilots and the AFE equipment they rely on for mission success.

Hot shots: TF Centaur fires control delivers heat

Firing an artillery piece may look no more complex than aiming, placing the desired shell and charge in the breech, and firing.

Talk to Staff Sgt. Stephen Dunn, however, and it's quickly apparent that necessary accuracy and safety make the process far more complicated than meets the eye.

Black Hawk Helicopter Helps Reinforce Borders

The United States and its borders are safer today thanks to the hard work of the Utility Helicopters Project Office.

Death from below: 2nd LAAD practices what they preach

For the last decade Marines have fought against terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan with battles primarily fought on the ground. So why do squads continue to carry the PL-87 Stinger missile and other anti-aircraft weapons with them during convoys?

Marines are known for being prepared for the worst, and that includes the possibility of battling enemy aircraft.

Rough Terrain Airborne Training: Paratroopers prepare for any landing

When paratroopers descend from the air, they look down at the giant open drop zone below trying to avoid any objects that might be in their way. However, some areas of the world are covered in rocks, trees and mountains absent of any open fields for miles.

It's when the Army jumps into those not so ideal locations that the paratroopers of the 57th Sapper Company, 27th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Airborne) are more than ready to answer the call.

"We are the multi-tool of the Army," said Sgt. Gregory Hill, a paratrooper with the 57th Sapper Co., 27th Eng. Bn.

F-35B Test Pilots Start Certifying for Initial Ship Trials

Four F-35B test pilots started the first steps in qualifying to land the F-35B on a deck at sea Sept. 14.

After completing flight envelope expansion for the aircraft in preparation for initial ship trials, the pilots began expeditionary airfield (EAF) landing practice, eventually building up to field carrier landing practice (FCLP).

EAF and FCLP testing is part of the pilot certification process for landing aircraft on an amphibious deck, to ensure pilots are adequately prepared for the inherent danger in operating aircraft in a maritime environment.

New Grassley-Issa letter to IG suggests obstruction

Grassley-Issa letter to IG suggests obstruction

In a blistering letter to Cynthia A. Schender, Acting Inspector General for the Justice Department who is investigating Operation Fast and Furious, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) assert that her actions relating to secretly-recorded audio tapes has obstructed their investigations of the botched operation.


Article by Dave Workman