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Operation Zombie Swarm

Video by Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan Media Operations Center

ETA Announces End to Armed Activity

The Basque separatist group ETA has declared an end to its 43-year bloody campaign for an indepedent homeland in Europe.

Three ETA members wearing black berets and white hoods that covered their faces made the declaration in a video posted online Thursday. They called on the Spanish and French governments to open talks with the aim of resolving the conflict.

Spain's Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero welcomed the announcement, calling it an important step, but did not say if his government will speak with the group.

US-Pakistan Tensions Could Harm Regional Security

India has expressed hopes that U.S. differences with Pakistan over Islamabad's alleged support to insurgents will be resolved amicably.

India is concerned about the impact such a rift would have on its security.

Referring to escalating tensions between the United States and Pakistan, India’s Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna has warned that anything which upsets the region will have devastating consequences for the developmental agenda of other countries, particularly India.

Mauritania Strikes Al-Qaida Base in Mali

Mauritania says its military has conducted an air strike on a suspected al-Qaida terrorist base in western Mali.

Authorities say Thursday's raid destroyed a camp in the Wagadou Forest operated by al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb , al-Qaida's northern Africa affiliate.

Military officials said terrorists at the base were preparing to launch a cross-border attack on Mauritania.

In June, Mali and Mauritania carried out a joint operation on an al-Qaida terrorist camp in the same area.

Africans Shed Few Tears for Gadhafi

The reaction to the death of former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has been mostly subdued across sub-Saharan Africa.

While Gadhafi's strongman governing style may not be missed, his economic contributions to the continent certainly will.

The death of a man who once declared himself the King of Kings of Africa, has been met with more relief than grief across the continent.

Lessons from Gadhafi's fall

Venezuela's Chavez Declares Himself Cancer-Free

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, 57, says he has beaten cancer.

Chavez returned home Thursday after traveling to Cuba for medical testing. He told reporters in La Fria the tests show he is now free of illness.

Chavez spoke before a planned pilgrimage to La Fria's Catholic shrine.

Chavez underwent surgery in Cuba to remove a cancerous tumor from his pelvic area in June followed by chemotherapy treatments.

The type of cancer he suffered from has not been made public, but the socialist leader has vowed to be well enough to win another six-year term next year.

ISAF Joint Command morning operational update

In Tarnek wa Jaldak district, Zabul province, a combined Afghan and coalition security force conducted a precision air strike, killing numerous insurgents.

Following the strike, the security force recovered a significant amount of weapons, including multiple AK-47 assault rifles, several rocket-propelled grenades, an 82 mm recoilless rifle, two PKM machine guns with 400 rounds of ammunition, multiple grenades and ammunition pouches.

Two suspected insurgents were also detained in the operation targenting the group of Taliban fighters. No civilians were harmed during the strike.

Citizen-soldiers lead force protection at Kabul compound

A West Point graduate, a former stock broker and a heavy equipment operator are at the front line of force protection for U.S. Forces-Afghanistan’s main compound.

The trio, all Guardsmen – one from Florida and two from Alabama – lead efforts to secure the site, located in a bustling section of Kabul, including conducting patrols near the location.

Alabama Army National Guard Army Sgt. 1st Class Kevin Carroll of Daphne, Ala., non-commissioned officer in charge of force protection, said serving in the guard is “just something that I’ve always wanted to do.” He has served for 22 years.

Afghan, US operations net 4 enemy kills, 5 detainees, weapons cache

Afghan and coalition forces killed four enemy and detained four suspected individuals throughout eastern Afghanistan, Oct. 19.

Three insurgents were killed during an air strike after engaging coalition forces with small-arms fire in Bar Kunar district, Kunar province. One other was killed after engaging Afghan National Army with small-arms fire in the Kushmond District Center of Shomali Nakam district, Paktika province.