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Marines brave tear gas for gas mask training

A plume of tear gas rises from the center of the dark and claustrophobic room, where three Marines stand beside each wall. After the Marines are instructed to break the seal of their masks, the gas slowly fills the room as the Marines hold their breath.

Marines with Combat Logistics Regiment 17, 1st Marine Logistics Group, conducted their annual chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear training here, Oct. 21. The exercise allowed Marines to refresh their skills and their knowledge of Mission-Oriented Protective Posture gear in case of a CBRN threat.

Guantanamo Bay's K-9 War Hero Retires From Active Duty

A Sailor with Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba's (GTMO) security department bid farewell to his German Shepherd canine partner when he was adopted by a family here Oct. 21.

Atos, a military working dog (MWD), came off Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Bobby Toal's leash for the last time when he released him to GTMO Security Officer Lt. Nicholas Pecci and his family.

"It's sad to lose a dog. But on another note, it always makes a handler feel good to know that the dog is going to someone that wants him," said Toal. "They (handlers) know that they are going to take care of them."

SOF Daily Update - 28 October, 2011

Over nine days, Coalition forces took the fight to the Haqqani Network in two provinces!

Marines with the female engagement team fire the M240B at Camp Pendleton

Video by I Marine Expeditionary Force

Blast Strikes Military Convoy in Eastern Kenya

A blast struck a paramilitary convoy in eastern Kenya on Friday, seriously wounding three security officers .

The explosion happened just outside the town of Garissa on a road that leads to Kenya's massive Dadaab refugee complex and continues to the Somali border about 150 kilometers away.

Authorities were investigating if a land mine or bomb caused the explosion and who is responsible for the attack.

US, South Korea to Increase Defense Posture Against North Korea

The U.S. and South Korea have pledged to "advance combat readiness capabilities" near the disputed sea border with North Korea, warning against any future aggression by Pyongyang. The warning came as defense leaders of the two military allies met for their annual security consultative meeting.

Speaking at a news conference in Seoul Friday, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and his South Korean counterpart, Kim Kwan-jin, said provocations by North Korea similar to a pair of deadly attacks last year will not be tolerated.

Al-Shabab Leader in Somalia Calls for Attacks Against Kenya

An al-Shabab militant leader in Somalia is calling on his followers to carry out huge explosions inside Kenya, in retaliation for Kenyan troops going into Somalia to try and stop the Islamic militants.

Sheikh Muktar Robow says tossing grenades is not enough. He is urging the militants to strike what he calls big painful blows.

Kenya sent forces into Somalia this month in pursuit of al-Shabab, which Kenyan officials blame for the cross-border kidnapping of several foreigners.

Kenya says its troops had their first direct clash with al-Shabab Thursday.

Two Suspected US Drone Strikes Kill 11 Militants in Pakistan

Pakistani intelligence officials say two suspected U.S. drone strikes have killed 11 militants linked to a top Taliban commander in Pakistan's northwest tribal region.

The officials said the first strike in the South Waziristan tribal area hit a vehicle and killed Khan Mohammed, deputy leader of a group of militants led by Maulvi Nazir. Mohammed was also Nazir's cousin. The strike also killed Nazir's younger brother, and three other militants.

Hours later, the unmanned aircraft fired missiles into a militant hideout near the North Waziristan town of Mir Ali, killing six men.

Afghan, US operations net 11 enemy kills, 15 detainees, weapons cache

Afghan and coalition forces operations resulted in 11 enemies killed, the detention of 15 suspected individuals and a weapons cache seizure in eastern Afghanistan over the past 24 hours, Oct. 27.