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Colombia President: Cano's Death is FARC's 'Biggest Blow'

Colombians are expressing a mix of relief and optimism now that the leader of the country's top terror group is dead.

Some Colombians took to the streets to celebrate after President Juan Manuel Santos went on television to announce Colombian forces had killed Alfonso Cano during a raid in the country's southwestern Cauca region on Friday.

Santos called Cano's death the "biggest blow" against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in the group's history. He urged the leftist rebels to "demobilize" now that their leader is dead. The president said "violence is not the way."

ISAF Joint Command morning operational update

A combined Afghan and coalition security force conducted an operation in search of a Haqqani facilitator in Argo district, Badakshan province.

The facilitator coordinates suicide attacks with other insurgent leaders in the area.

During the operation, a local national male failed to comply with repeated verbal warnings and displayed hostile intent toward the security force. The security force engaged the individual, resulting in his death.

The security force confiscated a shotgun and intelligence linking the local national to the Haqqani network.

Soldiers Missing from Vietnam War Identified

The Department of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) announced today that the remains of three servicemen, missing in action from the Vietnam War, have been identified and are being returned to their families for burial with full military honors.

Combined force captures Taliban leader

Afghan and coalition forces captured Bari Ali, a mid-level Taliban leader, during a cordon and search operation, Nov. 3.

The Afghan National Army used loudspeakers and a pre-written script to call out Ali in an effort to have him surrender to coalition forces willingly.

Ali and two other individuals, one of which was identified as his brother, Roshan Zilmai, surrendered to coalition forces without incident. The three were detained by coalition forces and transported to a nearby facility for further questioning.

Commandos capture three insurgents and find large weapons caches

The 1st Afghan National Army Commando Kandak, partnered with coalition Special Operations Forces, captured three insurgents and found two large weapons caches during a clearing operation in Lal’Pur district, Nov. 4.

The clearing operation was conducted to disrupt the insurgents’ freedom of movement and their influence over the local population.
During the operation, five insurgents were killed. Three insurgents taken into custody have been identified as Pakistani Taliban members. The detainees are currently being held by Afghan forces for further questioning.

Combined force captures Haqqani leader

The Afghan National Army and coalition forces captured Rashid Ahmad Arshad, a known Haqqani facilitator, at a traffic control point in southern Laghman province, Nov. 3.

Arshad aided Haqqani by moving weapons and contraband throughout eastern Afghanistan.

Combined forces set-up the traffic control point after receiving information of insurgent movement in the area.

Arshad and two other individuals were taken into coalition custody of forces after they were positively identified as insurgents wanted for questioning.

Arshad remains in coalition custody.

Darnall medics prove themselves at Air Assault School

FORT HOOD, Texas--Six Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center medics overcame two weeks of mental and physical challenges to earn the coveted Air Assault wings in a ceremony here Oct. 28.

Nine CRDAMC Soldiers joined 241 other candidates at Fort Hood's first air assault class which began 10 days earlier, but only 164 made it to the graduation ceremony. This was Fort Hood's first Air Assault class in two decades and a team of air assault trainers from Fort Benning, Ga., came here to lead it.

Chile Operates with US Naval Forces as part of Submarine Rescue Exercise CHILEMAR III

Chilean submariners from CS Carrera (SS 22) along with the U.S. Navy's Deep Submerging Unit (DSU), participated in exercise CHILEMAR III of the coast of Southern California Nov. 3.

CHILEMAR is an annual bilateral exercise between the U.S. and Chile, which is designed to demonstrate interoperability between U.S. submarine rescue systems and Chilean submarines. The exercise also promotes greater understanding and cooperation between the U.S. and Chile.

Vigilant Shield Tests Homeland Defense Processes

Navy ships, Army ground-based radar and missile systems and Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard aircraft have descended on Key West, Fla., for the field training portion of U.S. Northern Command’s annual homeland defense exercise that kicked off this week.