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An American Gunfighter JD Potynsky

What does it take to be an American warfighter? What is your mountaintop? Making a decision in a chaotic situation is often making a decision between bad and worse.



Irish Army Rangers: Counterterrorist/Special Operations Unit of the Irish Military

Irish Army Rangers: Counterterrorist/Special Operations Unit of the Irish Military

Another in the Series of Multinational Military Units.
The Army Ranger Wing are Ireland's elite special forces group, consisting of approximately 200 highly trained and skilled soldiers, and are the best funded and equipped unit of Ireland's armed forces. The Irish ARW show they're fully prepared if anyone dares. Next SOF issue (November) has a feature that has a unique insight into the operations of the Irish Army Ranger.

BORDER AGENT KILLED BY ILLEGALS who had been repeated deported

One Suspect Deported Four Times Prior to Robbery, Murder

Two suspects arrested in connection with the murder of an off-duty Border Patrol agent who was killed in front of his family during a robbery were in the United States illegally. Vega’s father was wounded in the attack.

BEST OF SOF - THE MAD DOG OF SOG!!! The Baddest Badass in Vietnam?

BEST OF SOF - THE MAD DOG OF SOG!!! The Baddest Badass in Vietnam?
By special request from SOF Fans Enjoy!

From the archives of Sept 2008 SOF, ALL COPYRIGHTS SOF, this is presented for individual use only. No reprints or use of any material without permission.


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Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene Killed Yesterday

New details have emerged in the slaying of Major General Harold Greene, who died as the result of a “green on blue” attack at a military academy west of Kabul. Greene was the highest-ranking officer to be killed by hostile action since Lt. Gen. Timothy Maude died in the attack on the Pentagon on 11 September, 2001.


The dynamics of the battlefield are forever changing. With the increasing threat of terrorism in our streets to the evolving situations of combat applications, a new paradigm in firearms was required.


Two-Star General Reported Killed

An American major general has reportedly been killed in an attack carried out by someone wearing an Afghan Army uniform at a military base in Afghnaistan. If so, this would be the highest-ranking officer killed in a “green on blue attack.” The attacker was reportedly killed.

Marine Action With the French Foreign Legion

Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force (SP-MAGTF) Crisis Response's Combat Camera created a production that highlighted Marines from 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment that were attached to SP-MAGTF Crisis Response as they conducted a bilateral training engagement with soldiers from the French Foreign Legion at Camp Des Garrigues, France between July 7 and July 11, 2014. Also available in high definition. (U.S. Marine Corps Motion Media by Staff Sgt. Tanner M. Iskra, SP-MAGTF Crisis Response, 2nd Marine Division Combat Camera/Released)


Rock River Arms, Inc. produces American made, custom built rifles and pistols.

They  also offer a complete selection of parts and accessories for AR15 ®, AR-15 ® and M16 ® type rifles.

The Nurses of WWI. Here is to British Nurse Edith Cavell, executed for her role in WWI.


The Great War, WWI began in June 100 years ago. 16 million died and 20 million were wounded. The Allies lost 6 million military personnel and the Central Powers 4 million.
Women were very active in the war, and among those involved in the battlefield were the nurses. 21000 U.S. military nurses served and at least 8000 addition allied nurses served. Nearly half of U.S. nurses went overseas. 400 nurses died in WWI.
3 August 2015 is the 99 year anniversary of the arrest of a legendary British nurse. One of the most haunting stories of the death of a WWI nurse was that of British nurse Edith Cavell who served in the Red Cross and was stationed in occupied Belgium. She helped hide British and allied soldiers and smuggled them them to the neutral Netherlands. Prince Reginald de Croy at his château of Bellignies near Mons provided travel documents before the fugitive troops went to the nursing houses that helped smuggle them. From there, guides took them to the houses of Cavell as well as other houses where nurses helped them escape from Brussels. The fugitives were given enough money to reach the neutral Netherlands.
The Germans were on to Cavell and arrested her 3 August 1915 and charged her with treason. She was convicted and faced a firing squad with enormous courage.
She was held in Saint-Gilles prison for 10 weeks, with the last two in solitary confinement. She was credited with helping save two hundred soldiers. She was also known for treating enemy soldiers if they were in suffering, in pain or wounded.
Thanks to SOF fan speaking in the second video for reminding us of this brave woman who faced a firing squad 15 Oct 1915. She was 49. Please watch the video below.


Congress Acts to Extend, Expand Interpreter Visa Program

Interpreters who are seeking to leave Afghanistan as American forces are being pulled out got some help from the United States Senate Friday. The legislation grants an additional 1,000 visas as well.


The MC Operator® is built on a full-size steel frame with an integral accessory rail. The pistol features a duo-tone black and olive drab green version of Springfield's proprietary Armory Kote™ finish. This finish gives the pistol a matte, low-glare appearance and protects the metal. The 5 inch barrel is match grade and made from stainless steel. The slide features slanted serrations on the front and rear. The mainspring housing is flat and includes the Springfield Armory® I.L.S.™ The pistol has a Lightweight Delta™ hammer and a beavertail grip safety, which features a raised memory pad for positive engagement. The extended ambidextrous thumb safety and long aluminum match-grade trigger are upgraded features that are standard to the Loaded Series. The Fixed Combat 3-Dot sights feature tritium inserts. The ejection port is lowered and flared, and the pistol is fitted with a two piece full length guide rod. The MC Operator® comes with wraparound Pachmayr grips held in place with Torx™ head grip screws.