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UNITED STATES CIA OPERATIVES’ COVER BLOWN! Defense attorneys for terrorists held at Gitmo showed photos taken by ACLU to their clients. POWER DRILLS AND GUNS brandished to get high-value al-Qaeda detainees to talk. Details of CIA program being released after ACLU fight.


T.H.E (“Tactical Holds Everything”) PACK FROM SPEC.-OPS® BRAND


Racing through the Phoenix airport, a Wall Street Journal headline immediately captured my eye: "Taliban Now Winning." I grabbed the newspaper and headed for my flight. By the time I arrived in Washington, I had a half-dozen e-mails from my Fox News colleagues asking for my assessment of the situation. There was also a "be prepared" message from my boss alerting me to pack my kit for another trip to the Hindu Kush.

New Terrorist Tactic?

CBS News reports on an old drug-smuggling tactic that is now being used by al-Qaeda terrorists to carry out murder-suicide bombings. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/09/28/eveningnews/main5347847.shtml

Afghan Mi-35 Pilots Once Again Patrol the Skies

The Afghan National Army Air Corps recently reached a milestone with the completion of the Initial Operations Capability Mi-35 attack helicopter program. American and Czech Republic mentors recommended the Mi-35 program to the Ministry of Defense to provide security, show force and patrol the skies of Afghanistan. The accomplishment required many hours of practice and training, but careful preparation was important when utilizing such a powerful aircraft. The Mi-35 is a heavily armored aircraft, yet streamlined. It sports a 12.7 mm Yak-B Gatling gun.

Page Nine No. 72 - Ammo Shortage Ending

PAGE NINE -- No. 72 by Alan Korwin, Author STARTERS: BILL OF RIGHTS DAY FAST APPROACHING Dec. 15 this year is a Tuesday, mark your calendars now.

USS McCampbell Hosts 9/11 Survivor

Sailors aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell (DDG 85) welcomed retired New York City Fire Department Capt. Alfredo Fuentes, a survivor of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center for a luncheon and tour of the ship Sept. 10. Fuentes's visit to McCampbell was part of his visit to Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka where he served as guest of honor and keynote speaker at the base's annual 9/11 memorial event. The tour began with McCampbell's Commanding Officer, Cmdr. Charles Johnson formally welcoming Fuentes aboard the ship.

A day of somber reflection

A day of somber reflection 

Take a moment and remember “that day”