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COP TALK: Go to "L"

One of the greatest pitfalls for law enforcement officers is the crossfire, or taking positions that put them in the line of fire of other officers. Officers with only a few years on the job have done it hundreds of times. We all have, but avoiding crossfire takes only a little forethought, along with some roll-call training in order to put it into practice.



Brute force, or as trainer Tom Benge says, “cubic inches” can make a big difference in a fight. But if your assailant is more versed in martial arts than you or the fight is blade- or projectile-based, you may be making a trip to the E.R. or worse. However, if your assailant can’s see you, he or she will have a much more difficult time harming you, especially if you don’t remain in the same place.


Interview with Gary Marbut of the Montana Shooting Sports Association

SS: What is the Montana Firearms Freedom Act?







UNITED STATES SURGE IN AFGHANISTAN! Obama sends troops, but shorts McChrystal by 10,000 after dithering for three months. FLIGHTS DISRUPTED? Incidents in Atlanta and Denver lead to speculation of “dry runs” for new attacks.



COMMON SENSE: Mission Impossible

The commander in chief's December 1 lecture at the U.S. Military Academy has to go down in history as one of the strangest presentations ever offered by a wartime president.


"You can't hunt ducks with one of those things!"

IRS buying short-barreled Remington pump shotguns...why? The tax man wants firepower!

Pirates Hijack Vessel Near Somalia

The European Union's anti-piracy naval force says Somali pirates have hijacked a North Korean-flagged cargo ship. The EU force says hijackers seized the MV Rim Wednesday in the Gulf of Aden, just south of the Yemeni coast.  In a statement, the EU force says the vessel has altered course and is now heading towards the Somali basin. The statement says investigators are not certain how many crew members are on board the Libyan-owned ship, and do not know the nationalities of crew members.

US Troops Among Those Killed in Pakistan Blast

Three American soldiers were among eight people killed when a roadside bomb struck their convoy in northwestern Pakistan.  Taliban militants are said to have claimed responsibility for the attack. Authorities say a security convoy carrying five American military personnel was the target of the attack in the Lower Dir District.  The northwestern Pakistani region is a well-known former stronghold of the Taliban.   U.S.

US, Russian Negotiators Near New Nuclear Treaty

A senior U.S. official says American and Russian negotiators meeting in Geneva are closing in on a deal for a key nuclear disarmament treaty, and the United States Senate would likely ratify it.   U.S.

Northern Baghdad joint security operations net 5 arrests

Iraqi Security Forces arrested five suspected terrorists during two joint security operations conducted today to degrade the al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) network in northern Iraq. In Haditha, located approximately 150 km southwest of Mosul, ISF and U.S.

IJC Operational Update, Feb. 3

Yesterday an Afghan-international security force searched a small compound in a rural area of the Nad Ali District, Helmand province, where intelligence information indicated militant activity. During the search the joint force detained a pair of suspected insurgents, and found Taliban propaganda and a grenade. Also in Helmand yesterday, a joint force stopped a vehicle near Kherwaray in the Nowzad District, after intelligence indicated militant activity, and detained a few suspected insurgents.

Marines reunite Haitian girls, father with family

Just a week ago, 14-year-old Lydie Augustin was suffering from two severe, untreated lacerations caused by bricks that fell on her leg that were shook loose from a building during the Jan. 12, earthquake.