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TAC SHIELD Announces Release of 2015 Catalog

TAC SHIELD® has released their 2015 catalog. This 24 page printed catalog is packed full of TAC SHIELD®’s full product line as well as new gear for military, law enforcement and shooting enthusiasts. Request a free catalog or view the digital version at www.tacshield.com/catalog.

The new products include the Shock SlingTM II, Warrior 2N1 Sling, Military Riggers Belts, Tactical Gun Belt, a series of Standard and Pivot Heavy Duty Bi-Pods, a new line of Hearing Protection, several new Firearms Cleaning items and much more!

MAXPEDITION® Fixed Blade Knives

For more information, go to www.maxpedition.com

Running Defense with 3/3 Marines

Tavor® SAR Flattop Left-Hand B16L

The TAVOR ® SAR is available in a “stock” left-hand model with all controls situated for left-hand operation, including the cocking handle, safety lever, QD swivel receptacles, relocation of the forward 45° Picatinny rail to the left side and left side ejection.

Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot, The Biggest, Baddest and Boldest

Knob Creek Redneck Machine Gun Shoot,
The Biggest, Baddest and Boldest in the U.S.
Watch these guys blow stuff up.

What Are U.S. Tanks Doing Back in Europe?

The biggest multi-national live-fire exercise in Europe of 2014 has ended with a bang at the US Army's Joint Multinational Training Center in Grafenwoehr, Germany. For the first time US tanks have been brought back to Europe for training purposes. The aim is to enhance NATO's interoperability and preparedness.

The video shows US soldiers, Abrams tanks and Bradley armoured personnel carriers firing live-rounds on pop-up targets. It also features Romanian tanks in action together. NATO video


Where is North Korea’s Dictator?
By Harold Hutchison

The status North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has become an open question in recent days, as the son of Kim Jong-Il has been absent from public appearances for a month.

According to a VOA report, the 31-year-old Kim Jong Un, who took over after his father’s death in 2011, has been seen limping in videos released from North Korea, and has not been seen since 3 September. Newsmax.com and other outlets reported on rumors of a coup, while the London Telegraph reported that Pyongyang was on “lockdown.”

What Would You Do if You Were a U.S. Army Medic and they Brought in a Dying Insurgent Who Was Shot While Setting a Roadside Bomb?


Medics in Iraq Confront a Different Battle

The Battlefield Sorely Tests the Consciences of Medics in Iraq: Do We Save an Insurgent Who Wants Us Dead

By Yancy Caruthers

Pouch, Human Remains, W/6 Handles


Islamic State Reportedly Targeting Families

When is enough enough? Now the Fear Mongers are trying to clone our troops into paranoid powerless Americans with warnings to troops that the Islamic State is trying to target their family members.

The Army Threat Integration Center warned troops last week that the Islamic State has urged members to try to locate the family members of American servicemen via social media or even the “yellow pages.” That threat however was an after thought, as the assessment warned that Jihadists websites were the most troublesome. SOF researched the threat assessments and found that the same warnings and threats had been issued in Feb 2014 and in many previous warnings. But when have U.S. troops not knows that in fighting an enemy, they must be on guard at home and abroad?


1,000 More Troops Sent to West Africa
By Harold Hutchison

The United States is sending another 1,000 troops to help combat the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. This brings the total deployment of troops to the region to over 4,000.

According to media reports, the Department of Defense announced the additional deployment Friday. Many of the forces being sent are from the 44th Medical Brigade, 101st Sustainment Brigade and the 16th Military Police Brigade.


Air Force Vet McSally Running Against Former Giffords Aide
By Harold Hutchison

The anti-Second Amendment group Americans for Responsible Solutions, formed by former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, has launched attack ads against Martha McSally, trying to lay at least two deaths at the feet of the former A-10 pilot. McSally had opposed items on the group’s agenda.

Pro Ears ReVO Electronic Passive Ear Muffs

Pro Ears ReVO™ Electronic Ear Muffs are designed from the ground up to fit smaller heads. All the same features you expect from Pro Ears, but they provide a better fit for children and smaller adults.

Everyone’s head and ear size is different.  One size does not fit all!  

Base Jumping, the Outlaw of Sports: Visit Dubai and the Swiss Alps Through Base Jumpers' Eyes

See here Dubai and the Swiss Alps through Base Jumpers' Eyes

Australians attended the recent BASE jumping event in Malaysia, where competitors legally threw themselves off some of the world’s tallest structures.

"Over there we're treated like stars, but we come back to Australia and we're just treated like criminals again," Australian BASE Association president Gary Cunningham told the Newcastle Herald.

Budapest Air Show 2014. Awesome

This 2014 Air Show makes us nostalgic for Budapest with its historical and geographical splendor enjoy