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Billionaire Gun-Grabbers Win in Washington, But Anti-Gunners Defeated in Senate Races
By Harold Hutchison

The mid-term elections held on 4 November were a mixed bag for supporters of the Second Amendment. While major victories included the demotion of anti-gun Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) to Senate Minority Leader, there were also some significant setbacks.

Anti-gun Senators like Mark Udall (D-CO), Kay Hagan (D-NC), and Mark Pryor (D-AR) were turned out by pro-Second Amendment voters in favor of Cory Gardner (pictured), Thom Tillis, and Tom Cotton, respectively. Anti-gun Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) was hed to 42% and faces a runoff in December that she is expected to lose (support NRA-PVF to make sure!). Anti-gun candidates running for Senate seats in Iowa (Bruce Braley), Kentucky (Alison Lundergan Grimes), and Montana (Amanda Curtis) were also defeated by pro-Second Amendment candidates. The news was not all good in the Senate, as gun-grabber Mark Warner (D-VA) lead Ed Gillespie by about 12,000 votes as of Wednesday morning, and anti-gun Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) also held on.


Light and compact sight for extreme accuracy and speed

Despite its small size, the CompC3 can withstand the recoil of the most powerful magnum rifles.

With its compact size and light weight, it is perfectly suited for fast-handling rifles and shotguns. The CompC3 mounts with a single 30 mm ring, which gives even greater weight savings over longer sights.

Marine Corps Shifts Gears From Sustained Combat in Afghanistan to Rapid Crises Force

What Next For the Marines?

From a Long Sustained Combat Mission, the Crises Reaction Force is Back to Its Amphibious Roots

"If the Wolf Sniffs At the Door, We Will Be All Over It,"


No chord is left behind with Maxpedition® laptop bags, featuring padded protection for your laptop and checkpoint friendly designs that make traveling a breeze. The Spatha™ features organized pockets to give your electronics and gear a home and internal loop field for attaching Maxpedition Hook-&-Loop accessories.


Marine Scores Back-to-Back Possibles
By SOF Editor

Perfection is hard to obtain when on the shooting range. However, one Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant has managed to achieve perfect scores on the range twice in less than three months.

BCM Mod 3 Vertical Grip

The BCM Mod 3 Vertical Grip is the latest evolution of the BCM Short Vertical Grip, offering improved ergonomics and the choice of two popular weapons mounting solutions.

BCM Vertical Grip Mod 3s are manufactured from high quality, impact resistant polymers. They come in at only 1.9 ounces, and feature a low-profile length that is intended for increased mobility and minimized snag factor. Aggressively textured flat sides are designed for improved yaw control during weapon manipulation. The Mod 3 comes in two configurations: Mod 3 – KM and Mod 3 – 1913.


Contracts Still Go to Taliban Supporters
By SOF Editor


MG Industries, manufacturer of the modular MARCK-15 AR “Hydra” platform, is pleased to announce that the long awaited Hydra Vipera .223 / 5.56mm Pistol is now available and shipping. Just as modular and versatile as the full grown Hydra, this pistol variant packs a big punch in a small package.

Naw...My Vote Doesn’t Count...or Why I Am A Stupid, Lazy Loser

RKB Memoir Cover

By Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown, USAR (Ret.)
From the December, 2014 issue of SOF

On how many occasions, come election time, do you hear gunnies come up with some inane excuse as to why they are not going to vote? “Oh, my vote doesn't count,” they snivel. “The politicians will do whatever they damn please. A pox on both houses.” Well, SOFers, if that was the case, why do all the left-wing, bottom feeders swarm to the ballot box? Because they know that voting Democratic will ensure they get their share of slop at the public trough. Or I should say, filtching dollars out of your and my wallet?

French President Lays Wreath at Canadian War Memorial

French President Francois Hollande laid a wreath at the Canadian War Memorial to honor the recent deaths of two soldiers killed in the line of duty by home-grown extremists. Hollande paid tribute at the base of the War Memorial, the site where 24-year-old Corporal Nathan Cirillo was gunned down in late October while standing guard during a ceremonial watch to honor Canada's war dead near Parliament Hill. A few days earlier 53-year-old Warrant Officer Patrick Vincent was killed when a man ran him over with a car in Quebec.


OH Say Can You See: Star Spangled Banner on the Range

Wave of the Future Electro-mechanical trigger


The GEMTECH Blast Jacket is our newest accessory that mounts on ALL existing GEMTECH Quickmounts. The Blast Jacket throws the muzzle blast forward away from other shooters on the line and prevents the huge dust cloud we all experience when shooting in the prone. We made this out of pure titanium so it only weighs 3.5oz. and the stainless spring is capable of a million compressions, built to last. It keeps short guns short at 2.55" overall and is a great addition to anyone's load out.