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No... nothing to do with Carson Daly. Instead, it's the Tactical Retention Lanyard.

Designed primarily for law enforcement and mission specific military needs, the Gemtech Tactical Retention Lanyard is a coil-cord lanyard invaluable for prevention of loss of the sidearm during high activity or marine operations. It is usable with any sidearm having a lanyard loop.

Canadians to Join the Fight Against ISIS: Canadian Special Forces,

The Canadians were awesome allies in Afghanistan and began their withdrawal with other allies in 2013. Now they are back to fight I.S.I.S. The U.S. requested that they join the battle against ISIS with combat aircraft, refueling and surveillance missions.
In a close vote (157-134), the Canadian MPs gave the go ahead for a combat mission and launching of airstrikes yesterday. Take a look at these Canadian Special Forces in this Amazing video produced in 2013.


What the B-2 Has Done, Can Do Now, And Just Might Do Later
By Harold Hutchison

Arguably the most expensive combat aircraft ever built, the B-2 Spirit by Northrop Grumman is perhaps one of the deadliest. The B-2 can deliver 16 2,000-pound GBU-31 Joint Direct Attack Munitions, GPS-guided bombs, and the only warning the target will have is when the bombs hit the target.

Costing $737 million base price and a whopping $2 Billion each when research and development and manufacturing costs are included, the program was halted at 21 aircraft in 1997 – much lower than the planned procurement of 165 airframes. That decision was made even as Northrop Grumman had said it could produce more B-2s at a fly-away cost of $566 million each.

First U.S. Death in Latest Fight Against IS. R.I.P

MANAMA, Bahrain (NNS) -- Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command announced 3 Oct the death of a Marine who was supporting operations in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit as part of the Makin Island Amphibious Ready Group.

Cpl. Jordan L. Spears, 21, of Memphis, Indiana, was lost at sea Oct 1, 2014, in the North Arabian Gulf. He was assigned to Marine Tiltrotor Squadron 163, Marine Aircraft Group 16, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California.


At Least Ten Caught Trying to Enter Texas
By Harold Hutchison

At least ten members of the Islamic State have been caught trying to illegally enter the United States from Mexico. That is what a United States Congressman is claiming.


XD-S® 4.0″ Single Stack 9mm

When you need a concealed carry pistol that offers excellent capacity and the ultimate in shootability, check out the XD-S® 4.0″ Single Stack  in 9mm. You’ll find yourself astonished at how easy it is to shoot this small pistol. You’ll be even more impressed with how well it carries.



British, Spanish Vessels Face Off Near Gibraltar
By Harold Hutchison

Tensions between the United Kingdom and Spain over Gibraltar have been rising, as there have been at least 600 violations of British territory by the Spanish over the last year.


Video Catches Russian Conversation During Firefight
By Harold Hutchison

Chechens may be among the jihadists fighting alongside the Islamic State. The assumption comes as the result of a video released by a media arm with ties to the terrorist group.

TAC SHIELD Announces Release of 2015 Catalog

TAC SHIELD® has released their 2015 catalog. This 24 page printed catalog is packed full of TAC SHIELD®’s full product line as well as new gear for military, law enforcement and shooting enthusiasts. Request a free catalog or view the digital version at www.tacshield.com/catalog.

The new products include the Shock SlingTM II, Warrior 2N1 Sling, Military Riggers Belts, Tactical Gun Belt, a series of Standard and Pivot Heavy Duty Bi-Pods, a new line of Hearing Protection, several new Firearms Cleaning items and much more!

MAXPEDITION® Fixed Blade Knives

For more information, go to www.maxpedition.com

Running Defense with 3/3 Marines

Tavor® SAR Flattop Left-Hand B16L

The TAVOR ® SAR is available in a “stock” left-hand model with all controls situated for left-hand operation, including the cocking handle, safety lever, QD swivel receptacles, relocation of the forward 45° Picatinny rail to the left side and left side ejection.

Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot, The Biggest, Baddest and Boldest

Knob Creek Redneck Machine Gun Shoot,
The Biggest, Baddest and Boldest in the U.S.
Watch these guys blow stuff up.