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Dillon Precision's Mini-Gun Showtime


Destroyer, Frigate, Headline Three-Ship Visit

Three ChiCom naval vessels are visiting San Diego, having arrived yesterday.


Possible Coup, More Airstrikes Mark Weekend

Iraq was rocked by chaos over the week as the United States launched more air strikes against Islamic militants with the Islamic State, which has also been known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). But Iraq was also rocked by a possible coup.


ACE Ltd.'s M4 Six Position Collapsable Modular Stock

For use with all Ace Receiver Blocks or FSM & FSM-PB . Allows attachment of M4 collapsible stock. Includes M4 Stock, Commercial buffer Tube, and all necessary mounting hardware.

The Legend of the Mysterious Area 51: 10 Facts Unveiled, Making it Not So Sinister?

Area 51, aka Groom Lake aka Homey Airport, aka . the Nevada Test and Training Range and Groom Lake,aka Paradise Ranch has been shrouded with mystery, conspiracy, far fetched tales and horror stories. It is a detachment of Edwards Air Force Base in Nevada, 83 miles Northwest of Las Vegas. The airfield in the site was reportedly used in WWII as early as 1942. The CIA seemed to enjoy perpetuating the clandestine nature of the area. UFO fans were convinced that the area hosted UFOS and aliens. Stories of nuclear disasters were widespread.
In this video, the producer attempts to debunk the conspiracies and gets down to the nitty gritty of what Area 51 is, portraying it as not so strange or sinister of an area after all. Or does he? Was it really just a CIA playground?

Micro Drones, Invasive, Lethal Dirty and Dangerous Weapon of the Future War Fighter

In 2013, National Geographic's John Horgan describes the Air Force “micro-aviary” micro drone as a "Cavernous chamber—35 feet high and covering almost 4,000 square feet—with padded walls. Micro-aviary researchers, much of whose work is classified, decline to let me witness a flight test. But they do show mean animated video starring micro-UAVs that resemble winged, multi-legged bugs. The drones swarm through alleys, crawl across windowsills, and perch on power lines. One of them sneaks up on a scowling man holding a gun and shoots him in the head...The Air Force describes these new “micro-air” weapons as “Unobtrusive, pervasive, lethal.”

Video from Live Leaks

Five Times the U.S. Almost Nuked Itself?

Widespread Catastrophes Were Averted, But Some Were Not So Lucky

Presenting 5 times the United States almost blew itself up.

The threat of a nuclear explosion in the United States was at its height between World War 2 and the Cold War with Russia. But what if the closest America actually ever came to nuclear destruction was at its own hand?

This compilation of five accidents is the result of military airplane crashes, dangerous science experiments, pilot error and a simple dropped wrench. The crash of a B-52 bomber over Goldsboro, North Carolina saw the release of an atomic bomb over American soil, as did the Mars Bluff incident involving a nuclear-armed B-47 bomber. Both lost nuclear weapons were recovered from those broken arrow incidents, but the same can't be said for the 1958 accident involving a collision between a B-47 and F-86 fighter jet. That nuclear bomb was lost forever off the coast of Georgia.

Other incidents include the plutonium Demon Core experiments that resulted in chain reactions which killed several nuclear scientists at the Los Alamos National Lab, and the Van Buren ICBM accident in which a nuclear warhead was ejected from a massive missile explosion.

Published on Mar 25, 2014

World's Top 10 Military Powers

Dallas Firemen Rock in Support of a Firefighter brother's Son With Cancer!!!!!!!

Here's to our firemen, another group of warrior!!

Weekend Plans, Getting in shape to join these supermen

Shared from Bob Nougueira
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Islamic State Hit Again

The United States launched a second round of air-strikes, hours after an initial strike by F/A-18 Hornets hit an artillery position used by the Islamic State. The strikes took place near Irbil, where Kurdish forces have gathered to hold off the terrorist group.