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Is Jihadi John Back? Another American Beheaded Along with a Dozen Assad Supporters

Is Jihadi John Back? Another American Beheaded Along with a Dozen Assad Supporters

Another American Beheaded Along with a Dozen Assad Supporters

The Butcher Madmen mass beheaded at least 13, 12 Syrian Assad supporters and an American, Former Army ranger Peter Kassig, who had converted to Islam and gone to help Syrian refugees.

Mr. Kassig “was taken from us in an act of pure evil by a terrorist group," President Obama said from Air Force One.


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Australian SAS: Who dares Wins, Combat Footage

Australian SAS: Who Dares Wins

Australia's SAS is a small elite unit of an estimated 6-700 members although the exact number is not publicized. The group was established in 1957 and fashioned after the a British SAS. The entrance tests are grueling with only a small percentage cutting the mustard.

For six years from 1966 to 1971 around 600 Australian SAS members fought alongside with the U. S. Troops and 1st Australian Task Force. There the group made its bones by conducting successful reconnaissance enemy observation and attack missions

Show time: Dance Contest Army, Marines, Air Force or Navy

Who wins the dance contest? Be impartial

War on ISIS :Launch and Strike Videos From USS George H. W. Bush Carrier

War on ISIS :Launch and Strike Videos From USS George H. W. Bush Carrier

George H.W. Bush Strike Group Returns to Homeport


By Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jeffrey Madlangbayan, USS George H.W. Bush, Public Affairs

Jihadi John British Butcher Injured in Airstrike in His Underground Bunker?

Jihadi John British Butcher Injured in Airstrike in His Underground Bunker?

Last week SOF reported that SAS and U.S. Special Forces had launched a manhunt to find the ISIS beheading butcher of Britain. Today U.K. Journals report that he and a dozen others had been killed and wounded in a U.S. Orchestrated strike on a an underground bunker in a compound where they were strategizing their next move. Ten terrorists died.

"We are aware of reports that this individual [Jihadi John] has been injured, and we are looking into them,’ a Foreign Office spokesman told The Mail on Sunday.

Russian and Serbian Paratroopers Perform Joint Anti Terrorism Drills

Russian Paratroopers and Special a operations Forces have been arriving in Serbia for joint anti terrorism drills this week for the first time.

The People vs Winter

Here's to Delta Force


UAVs Cover the Mexican Border
By SOF Staff

Border Patrol agents are getting aerial assistance in their mission to secure the border from illegal entry. The eyes on the sky have gone from taking out terrorists overseas, to protecting the border at home.

Iran Touts New Spy Drone, Better than the U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel it Snatched?

Iran Touts New Drone as better than the U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel that it shot down in 2011 as it flew in its airspace, over the city of Kashmar, 225 kilometers from the Afghan border. The knockoff of U.S. drone that crashed in Iran, Iran claims was manufactured through reverse engineering of the U.S. drone. But the Iranian engineers created a newer and better model.

BAE Systems - Taranis Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) First Flight

From BAE Sytems Science and Technology as the Drone took its first official flight early 2014:

Together with the UK Ministry of Defence, we have revealed that Taranis, the stealthy unmanned combat vehicle demonstrator and the most advanced aircraft ever built by British engineers, surpassed all expectations during its first flight trials last year.

Maiden flight


Weapons Among $420 Million in Missing Items from 2013
By SOF Staff

Where is the Missing Gear Left Behind in Afghanistan?
Over $420 million worth of gear has gone missing in Afghanistan according to the Department of Defense in 2013. The report from the DOD comes as the Obama Administration is preparing its pullout from Afghanistan.

According to a report by the Washington Free Beacon, the missing equipment included weapons, weapon systems, and other sensitive items. The report also noted that of over $429 million in equipment lost, only $191 million was recovered from 2006-2010.