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Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: profiting from anti-gun "INNOCENT TARGET" posters.

British Company Attacks Second Amendment
By SOF Staff

A British company is selling “Innocent Target” posters that intend to not only spread an anti-Second Amendment, but to help raise funds for a gun-grabbing group.

According to a report by Guns.com, Banana and Associates has released a line of ten posters featuring innocent civilians as targets. Among those portrayed are a priest, a housewife, a bride, a man holding a vinyl record, and a pizza delivery guy. The targets feature various propaganda statements, like “There are 60,000 pizzerias in America and 120,000 gun dealerships.”


Obama Says ISIS Nukes Would Warrant Ground Troops
By SOF Staff

Has Barack Obama issued another empty threat? That is the question emerging after Obama made a statement during a press conference during the G20 Summit in Australia saying that if the terrorist group known as the Islamic State obtained nuclear weapons, it would warrant the deployment of ground troops.

The LaRue MBT-2S Trigger

In a world of instantly M.I.M.'d/cast/stamped rifle and pistol components, LaRue Tactical threw on the brakes, slowed to a walk, and built 2-stage triggers out of solid S7 tool steel plates. Meticulous triggers that are built in-house by their staff toolmakers, without a stopwatch in sight.

U.S. Defense and Capitalism In Bed With Big Brother Vladimir Putin: Russian Powered Atas V Rocket

Putin's Vice Grip Hold On U.S. Atlas V Rocket Defense

In a revealing investigative report detailing a very iffy deal between the U.S Defense Department and Putin's Russian cronies, called "Comrade Capitalism In murky Pentagon deal with Russia, big profit for a tiny Florida firm," Reuters outs the two faced Sanctions program. Despite all the rhetoric and vitriol against Comrade Putin, he and his moneyed connections have an important hold on our Atlas V rocket defense.

Ukrainians prepare for Russia backed attack


Australia’s Potent Frigate
By Harold Hutchison

When the Royal Australian Navy faced off against a Russian convoy that included the Slava-class missile cruiser Varyag, two frigates were on the front lines. But what exactly were these frigates?

To get the answer, one has to go back to the 1980s and 1990s. The Australians were looking to replace the aging River-class frigates they had in service. New Zealand also was in the market for a replacement for their old Leander-class frigates. The two countries decided to go in together – not only to reduce costs, but to make their navies more interoperable.

Magnum Research® Puts the Shine on three new Desert Eagle® 1911 Models

Magnum Research Inc. (MRI), manufacturer of innovative, reliable and accurate firearms, presents three new models to their timeless Desert Eagle 1911 product line. The popular Desert Eagle 1911G, 1911C and 1911U are now also offered in stainless steel.

Seven Times the Speed of Sound, the Navy's Electromagnetic Railgun

Navy electromagnetic railgun has been in the works for a couple years and 2014 it was launched by BAE Systems and the

The Electro-Magnetic Laboratory Rail Gun is a 32-megajoule electro-magnetic laboratory rail gun being evaluated by the US Office of Naval Research (ONR) Naval Air Warfare and Weapons Department.


Secretary of Defense Gates Claims Obama Micromanaged
By SOF Staff

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates revealed that he instructed commanders to be very blunt in dealing with White House micromanagement from the Obama Administration.

LaRue Tactical 18 Inch PredatOBR® 7.62

The PredatOBR 7.62 was designed for those who are searching for a hybrid cross between the standard OBR and PredatAR 7.62x51 Rifles. The PredatOBR takes the highly accurate OBR 7.62 design, and lightens it in every possible way with the least-possible impact to the accuracy that the standard OBR is known for.


Two Suits Seek Invalidation of 1986 Provision
By SOF Staff

Two lawsuits are seeking to overturn the 1986 ban on new machine guns for civilian ownership. The suits, filed in Pennsylvania and Texas, filed in the last three weeks, name outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder and ATF Director B. Todd Jones as defendants.


Administration Could Enforce Arms Trade Treaty Provisions
By SOF Staff

The Obama Administration could be trying to enforce provisions of the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty, despite Congressional prohibitions.

According to a report by the Washington Times, the Senate has refused to ratify the treaty, and with the gains made by Republicans in the 2014 midterm elections, ratification had become even less likely, That is not stopping the U.S. delegation from supporting the treaty.