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A day of somber reflection

A day of somber reflection 

Take a moment and remember “that day” 

Feds investigating NOPD four years after Katrina

Feds investigate NOPD four years after post-Katrina gun grab

Yet Another Anti-gun Obama Nominee

Just when you thought the news about the Obama administration couldn't get any worse, gun owners find themselves needing to rally the troops once again. This time it's the proposed "Regulatory Czar" who will be coming to a vote this week in the U.S.


On 10 March, 2009, Staff Sgt. Zachary Rhyner received the Air Force Cross in a Pentagon ceremony, becoming the third Airman to receive this award in the Global War on Terror – and the first living recipient. His story is told below in this Air Force News Service article from 24 December, 2008.