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No, George Bush Actions Ultimate Disgrace to General Vang Pao

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Hmong Americans, family, friends and allies of General Vang Pao:

Let's not have any illusions or amnesia about the ultimate betrayal of General Vang Pao and the Hmong people. For the facts are clear and any denial of these facts simply reveals the twisted reality some General Vang Pao supporters continue to live and believe in.

First, it is obvious that the editor of Soldiers of Fortune, the author of the above blog, was never an Obama fan. In fact, he voted for George W. Bush, and in the recent election, John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that he would immediately put the blame on President Obama for "disgracing" General Vang Pao, the Hmong, and the military in general. It's standard political mantra for Republicans, including Hmong Republicans who have since posted this blog on Face Book and other social media.

Second, it is no secret that General Vang Pao, and most of his loyal supporters are also life-long Republicans who were convinced that the American Republican political party was the only one that could and would help deliver Laos from the grips of Communism , in the name of human rights, freedom, and democracy...or so goes the decades-old campaign mantra inside and out of the Hmong community.

Now, here are the FACTS regarding just WHO was responsible for the most OUTLANDISH and DISGRACEFUL act against General Vang Pao, his legacy as one of the most ardent defender of freedom against Communism, and against the Hmong who have been America's most loyal ally for over 50 years.
After 911, a new reality set in regarding terrorism around the world, especially threats against the U.S. from inside and out, and there would be a "Coalition of the Willing" on the one hand, and the idea that "If you're not with us, you're against" kind of foreign policy, a go-it-alone Cowboy attitude, on the other. Domestic and foreign terror suspect would be rounded up, sometimes in wholesale manners, and trampling on the rights of ordinary Americans that were protected under the Constitution.

It was this national and international prosecution of terrorists around the world (War on Terror) policy and environment which attracted the support of the Lao People's Democratic Republic.
Yes, it's a fact that Bush warmed up to the Lao Communist regime and sought their help in tracking down "terrorists" inside their country…the Hmong freedom fighters and survivors of the Communist Lao genocide.

This led to the Bush administration's blatant slap in the face to the Hmong.

Yes, it's a fact that the Bush administration was the one that openly labeled the Hmong, "terrorists", because their Communist Lao counterpart told them so (as the Hmong freedom fighters in the jungles of Laos have now been dubbed “terrorists” using Bush's definition and policy against domestic and foreign terrorists). It's also a fact that Congressional members of both political parties, especially Democrats immediately protested and sought to exempt the Hmong from this labeling.

Immediately following this FIRST disgraceful act by George W. Bush, in 2007, in the implementation of the same failed War on Terror policy, the Bush administration cooked up perhaps the MOST DISGRACEFUL act to be perpetrated on the Hmong in America. This fact cannot be denied or refuted, no matter your politics!

Under the direction of George W. Bush's lapdog legal counsel from Texas, Alberto Gonzales, who was then serving as United States Attorney General (head of the U.S. Justice Department) and was responsible for ORDERING and SIGNING OFF on the government's operation to ARREST, JAIL and PROSECUTION of General Vang Pao and 11 other men in California.

Not since America abandoned the Hmong in 1975 (Republican Richard Nixon was President, 1969-1974, followed by Republican President Gerald Ford), has General Vang Pao and the Hmong in the U.S. been been more HUMILIATED.

George W. Bush and his policies, his Justice Department, his Republican allies bent wholesale prosecution of ANYONE, American or not, that they deem as "terrorists" DIRECTLY resulted in the darkest hour for Hmong leader and America's most loyal freedom warrior, General Vang Pao!
The betrayal didn't stop there once the legal stage was set by the U.S. government, backed up by policies based on nothing but cheap and outdated legal premises (Neutrality Act) used to justify their DESPICABLE arrest, jailing, the prosecution of General Vang Pao and 11 others.

What was equally despicable and hurtful to General Vang Pao and the Hmong, especially those most loyal to the Republican Party and Republican politicians from every level of government was that they were completely abandoned, hung out to dry.

These Republican politicians, some of whom had the ear of their own President, did NOTHING to stop the disgraceful act of jailing and prosecuting their MOST LOYAL constituent and ultimate political supporter in the entire Hmong community!

All the Republicans who courted the Hmong vote for decades sat on their hands, or had their mouths zipped for fear that the general's "troubles" would tarnish their own political careers (because mainstream Republicans in their districts would want nothing to do with some Hmong being tried in federal court for attempting to overthrow a foreign government). These are facts. There were NO visible protest OR concerted political action in the general's defense from the general's closest Republican friends in Washington!

These were the same Republicans that the general and his Hmong Republican operatives gave tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of campaign contributions to over the years (public campaign finance reports don't lie).

Yes, it's a fact that General Vang Pao and ALL 11 men who were arrested, jailed and prosecuted by the Bush administration ALL gave money to George W. Bush to arrest, jail and prosecute them, to Republican politicians who sat in silence as the general sat in jail and through the legal proceedings, and to the Republican Party who did NOTHING to change the mind of their leader, the wrong guy! Where is the, "Oops, we got our most loyal supporter, sorry."??

And, not surprisingly, and very sad indeed, Hmong Republicans to this day, have REFUSED to blame George W. Bush and their Republican friends in Washington for this ultimate betrayal...because in 2008, they all voted for McCain and Palin, saying publicly that a black person is not fit to be President.

During the mass protested staged by the Hmong community, what was eerily absent, and probably political convenient to do, was HOLDING GEORGE W. BUSH responsible for this betrayal. There were NO visible protests against George W. Bush, against Alberto Gonzales, against the Justice Department...who held ALL the cards to the very fate of General Vang Pao!!! Why not???

But with great hope still in America, in 2008, there was a regime change in this country. Obama became president. It is clear to all that what George W. Bush did to General Vang Pao and to the Hmong was wrong, was disgraceful, and it needed to be righted. Justice needed to be restored. People's rights as Americans needed to be protected, not trampled over, as stated in the Constitution.

In 2009, General Vang Pao was freed, not because Bush saw it was wrong or anything, he was long gone! I'm sure Bush probably doesn't want anything to do with the Hmong anyway, especially now that he has to live with the legacy of breaking the heart of General Vang Pao and the Hmong people! General Vang Pao was freed by the very safeguards in the U.S. Constitution...due process, the very system which George W. Bush disregarded in the first place...thus the arrest, the jailing and the attempted prosecution.

And finally, ALL charges were dropped several weeks ago, something Bush had a moral duty to do, but DID NOT do! He PERPETRATED IT!!! It had to take a completely set of political circumstances to make that happen.

If anything, if Bush didn't taint and tarnish the reputation of General Vang Pao with his cowboy stunt in arresting, jailing and prosecution of the general and put the Hmong community on trial...for being the loyal and proud Americans that they are since the Secret War years...his chances at Arlington would have been met. Bush is directly RESPONSIBLE for CREATING the very "controversy" that didn't help with the waiver request for burial at Arlington.

If you're going to blame someone, some entity for disgracing the general, Obama is NOT the one to blame. George W. Bush is solely responsible!

Seng Vang