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ARGUS Takes to the Skies
By Harold Hutchison

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the United States Army revealed a new surveillance system – one that could see much more than systems currently in service. The new system, called ARGUS-IS, is capable of resolving objects as small as six inches across from 20,000 feet.

According to a report at ExtremeTech.com, this camera system is capable of monitoring an area of ten square miles. To put that into perspective, that is about half of the island of Manhattan. The video system can pick out birds in flight or even a toddler on the playground.

Perhaps the biggest breakthough for ARGUS isn’t the 1.8 gigapixel video camera, though. That distinction may go to a software system known as Persistics. This system will process the thousands of terabytes per day coming through the video camera.

This system is still a ways from being fielded. The original platform this system was slated for, the Boeing MQ-18 Hummingbird, is not going to enter service, having been cancelled in December 2012.